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[non-industrial] Ferni - Blame
Ferni - Blame
Rating: 5
Reviewed by Fabryka Music Magazine on .
The arrangements and the composition have been put together skillfully. Needless to say, it’s quite surprising that one man can perform a song fit for an entire four-piece band, but Ferni's the living proof for this.

[non-industrial] Gene Gorski - Nowhere To Hide
Gene Gorski - Nowhere To Hide
Rating: 4
Reviewed by Fabryka Industrial Rock & Metal Encyclopedia on .
In Gene's version of the story, Alice lands in a dystopian, twisted world. It is not full of wonders but rather includes many aspects found in our reality. Suffice it to say that the protagonist of the story becomes a stripper involved in sado-masochistic activities.

[non-industrial] Ghost Embrace - Quantum Heart
Ghost Embrace - Quantum Heart
Rating: 5
Reviewed by Fabryka Music Magazine on .
There's evident stability and maturity found in the music of Ghost Embrace. Each of these twelve relatively short songs brings a different yet coherent vibe, mostly thanks to Annette Freeman's voice. Their sound is strong, distinctive, recognizable, and can bring both nostalgic and rapacious tones with equal agility. If you are familiar with the band's self-titled debut however, also recorded with a different line-up, you'll have some idea what to expect - Ghost Embrace loves jazzy groove but doesn't shy away from rock and metal heaviness.

[non-industrial] Gianluca John Attanasio - Silent Roads
Gianluca John Attanasio - Silent Roads
Rating: 4
Reviewed by Fabryka Music Magazine on .
Silent Roads touches many topics - from an inner journey into the self, discovering emotions, learning from karmic (romantic or erotic) relationships, a dash of loneliness, but also expressing support for soldiers. Since the album is a trip into the blues rock of the 1960's, it's highly recommendable for listeners of all ages who prefer well developed, unhurried tracks coming from the heart.

[non-industrial] Godcomplex - Life's Deception
GODCOMPLEX - Life's Deception
Rating: 4
Reviewed by Fabryka Music Magazine on .
"Life's Deception" contains pure sparkling vitality that is reminiscent to the music of bands such as The Union Underground, Powerman 5000 and Monster Magnet. Last but not least, it sounds like a man's song, so it must be a testosterone driven thing which glues these bands together with self-confidence, motion and power.
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[non-industrial] Gramilla - Paradox
Gramilla - Paradox
Rating: 5
Reviewed by Fabryka Music Magazine on .
The mid-tempo of "Paradox" is underlined by groovy drum beats and bass lines. The guitars are layered quite wisely and the solo's sound almost like sewing stitch riffs placed in the right spots.

[non-industrial] Gus McArthur [review]
Gus McArthur - Gus McArthur EP
Rating: 5
Reviewed by Fabryka Music Magazine on .
There is a diversity of moods and melodies brought by this self-titled EP, so the chances are low that you could get bored during its running time of 22 minutes. These tunes bring novelty to the fold of well known, mostly metal subgenres. Their refreshing new style is based on an intelligent mix of various influences together with a solid carving of the band's own sound definition.

[non-industrial] Hendrik Jan Vermeulen - Krieg
Krieg - Krieg
Rating: 4
Reviewed by Fabryka Industrial Rock & Metal Encyclopedia on .
Krieg, an in-memoriam work of art, is a gift from a family member who despite never having a chance to meet or know more about his ancestor, got inspired enough with the story of his life to write music, curate a selection of war poems, and engage talented performers to combine these two elements into a solid unity.

[non-industrial] Hess&Franzen - CLOSEDLOCKEDSEALED
Reviewed by Fabryka Music Magazine on .
What surprises me the most from the entire {CLOSEDLOCKEDSEALED} release? Not just the title itself. Although this music was made by two musicians and not a five-piece band, it embodies a vigor of compositional talent as well as utilizing instrumentation that may seem to speak differently. Hans Hess (bass, synths, samplers) and Renan Franzen (guitars,bass, synths, samplers) are talented multi-instrumentalists who cooperate together on a far distance.
Rating: 4

[non-industrial] Indighost - Torn
Indighost - Torn
Rating: 5
Reviewed by Fabryka Music Magazine on .
"Torn" is a great, ear-friendly song that is suitable for a commercial jingle, motion picture soundtrack or radio airplay. This is a solid composition that is enriched with vivid, almost visual arrangements that make the song memorable.

[non-industrial] Joel Smith Project - Kahless
Joel Smith Project - Kahless
Rating: 5
Reviewed by Fabryka Music Magazine on .
The track sounds hooky but not intrusive. The composition is multi-layered, yet enriched with many matching add-ons. They gently touch the structure and change the song’s mood to make it sound positive and intriguing. As a result, your mind will constantly ponder but yet won't be distracted.

[non-industrial] Joel Smith Project - My Shadow
Joel Smith Project - My Shadow
Rating: 5
Reviewed by Fabryka Music Magazine on .
“My Shadow” is an enjoyable song that a listener can make the most of and could be a good candidate for radio airplay purposes as well. Each aspect of the arrangement has been placed in the right spot, so you'll find this track ear-friendly, even if you don't dig guitar driven music that much. However, if you're a fan of Paw, Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots, Alice in Chains or Bush, then "My Shadow" is undoubtedly for you.

[non-industrial] Joel Smith Project - Temporary
Joel Smith Project - Temporary
Reviewed by Google+ Music Reviews on .
This true musician can be recognized by his passion and modesty, a general rule towards being successful. This Californian singer, bass player and guitar player doesn't endlessly shout on his social network profiles: "Buy my music now because I'm the best!!!" He also doesn't collect on-line friends like vouchers for further commercial use. He does however write music and awaits those listeners who can't get his dynamic compositions out of their heads.
Rating: 5

[non-industrial] Joel Smith Project - What He's Leaving Behind
Joel Smith Project - What He's Leaving Behind
Reviewed by Google+ Music Reviews on .
It’s clear that Joel can perfectly plan specified sections of his arrangements. He knows how to develop them and condense them further into the track. These skills can also be heard near the end of “What He's Leaving Behind”. The song has hit potential, so it should be provided to any meaningful media and could also be enriched with a bright video since the song delivers an even better perception.
Rating: 5

[non-industrial] Joel Smith Project – Vision
Joel Smith Project – Vision
Reviewed by Google+ Music Reviews on .
As usual, Joel creates a boiling storm of positive moods which calm down near the end of the song. A very solid, yet viral rhythm section carries the vocals and guitar solos throughout the entire track. The arrangements are well balanced and kept in correct proportions. The song is also spiced up with a guitar solo reminiscent of the styles of Jimi Hendrix. All of this should tell you a lot about Joel's knowledge of songwriting, which are key values in terms of making powerful music.
Rating: 5
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