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[Fabryka] Testimonials
Van Richter Rec.
The interview looks good. I have posted it on our Facebook page as well as sent it to our webmaster to post on the VR website press section. Thank you for your support of our label and bands.
Paul Abramson (Van Richter Records) | 23.06.2010 | related articles

Thanks SO much!! We definitely appreciate you and all of the work you put into pointing people towards good music. And, we're honored that you count us as one of you friends and vice versa.
David (AR3A) | 29.05.2010 | related articles

Gravity Kills
I would like to help out in any way possible. You are helping me out every time you mention me. Just like you, I am simply trying to create a community in which many can become successful. I think what you are trying to do is admirable and appreciate you reaching out to me and the band.
Jeff Scheel (Gravity Kills) | 23.06.2010 | related articles

Thanx so much for your support. Its is greatly appreciated by us!!!!!
Daren 'Klank' Diolosa (Klank, Circle of Dust, AP2) | 27.04.2010 | related articles

Dexy Corp_
Cool podcast! Can't wait to read your review!
Erwan (Dexy Corp_) | 31.12.2010 | related articles

Marazene Machine
Fabryka website is looking sharp as usual! Shotgun Messiah's "Violent New Breed" was definitely before it's time and your review was spot on... Keep up the great work!
De Los Santos Productions (The Marazene Machine) | 05.04.2010 | related articles

Mystic Syntax
I'd be more than happy to have you put some material on a podcast. Just send me the approval request and we'll get it taken care of :) Thank you very much for your input! I really appreciate you taking the time to listen and give us good feedback, we'll be spreading the word to our fans.
J Syntax | 24.09.2010 | related articles

Obszon Geschopf
Thank you very much my friend for your interview!!! Of course you can use all the OG tracks you want for your site ;-)
Remzi Kalleci | 27.11.2010 | related articles

Society Burning
WOW! Thank you NINa! That was wonderful for you to write that about the album! I (we) greatly appreciate your support through the years! I'll be linking to this review very soon!
Boom chrPaige | 26.11.2010 | related articles

Podcast sounds great and thanks for mentioning AmeriCon.
Sin Quirin (Ministry, RevCo, SnowBlack, American Head Charge) | 23.12.2010 | related articles

Sonic Violence
Thanks for the questions - they've sure got me thinking.
Paul Taylor | 27.02.2010 | related articles

Thanks for the great review!!
John Elliott | 30.09.2009 | related articles

Mob Research
We have posted both interview banner/link and Holy City Zoo review links on our website and our MySpace :-)
Mark Gemini Thwaite (Mob Research, The Mission) | 16.09.2009 | related articles

Marinho Nobre
Thanks NINa for so kind comments on the new CD. Paulo Coelho read the interview and sent me a thanks note on Myspace today... Nice Mag, very nice site, keep up the great work!
Marinho Nobre (kX) | 2009 | related articles

The Rabid Whole
Here's our response for your questions! You rock! And thanks for the support!!! :D
George Radutu | 14.04.2009 | related articles

Thank you for your email and for your interest in reviewing our CD! I am quite honored, and it is very exciting! :)
Chris Dimock | 19.01.2009 | related articles
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