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[Fabryka] Testimonials
The Minutians
Nina Sounds Awesome! I like how you took the time to research our name and its origin! (...) Thanks for the positive comments and please hit us with a link when you post about us on your Magazine.
Gary Clements | 12.03.2012 | Song review

Rachael Please
Looks good!
Retro Virus Records repres. of Rachael Please | 28.02.2012 | Song review

Principal Spinach
Thank you Nina! We love the review! :)
Gaelon Davis | 23.02.2012 | Song review

Tim Medrek
Thanks so much for your excellent work reviewing my song. I feel that it was fair and balanced, totally worthy of publication. So very glad to have gotten this done with you.
Tim Medrek | 20.02.2012 | Song review

Ray Webb
We here at X-pose Productions would like to extend our gratitude and awe of your professionalism, honesty, and quality. Truly it is an honor to be awarded a review from a masterate of your status. Your review we received of our Artist, Angel/PhantomX has sparked an immediate wave of even more opportunities.
Ray Webb/X-pose Productions represent. Angel/PhantomX | Jan. 2012 | Song review

Joel Smith Project
It's actually way more than I could have imagined, that review is pretty amazing so thank you for that. I would love for you to review all my tracks.
Joel Smith | Jan. 2012 | Song review

The Particles
I've just read your article about The Particles, and we really like your style of writing, and the way you talked about the band is very informative and imaginative.
Lisa Viner PR Manager The Particles | 07.02.2012 | Song review

Rozich and Brailsford
Thank you so much for your wonderful and kind words and review. Super!!!!
Mike Rozich | 15.02.2012 | Song review

Hess & Franzen
It was a pleasure to work with Nina and asked her to write the review of my debut album in the Hess&Franzen project. She has great interpersonal skills and passionate for what she does and engaging with you since the beginning of your service and even afterwards. It's been great to keep in touch with her because she's very supportive and active. Nina is always thinking in ways she can help to promote people she has worked with by constantly tweeting about you in her social network. I admire Nina for her competence and professionalism!
Hans Hess | 02.02.2012 | Album review

Hans Hess
What we liked in working with you was that not only you were professional, but you were supportive, showed great interest in what we do and engaged with our music. You also showed to us that you really like what you do, which is very important.
Hess & Franzen | 03.11.2011 | Album review

Nina, Wanna thank you for the interview. As usual, it was a really great and thought provoking interview. I really do appreciate it.
Adam Grossman (Skrew, Angkor Wat, Ministry) | 17.07.2011 | Related articles

I totally appreciate your input. I know that I can trust you because you are what I would consider an expert on this type of music as well as your understanding and appreciation of what I do. Means a lot to me NINa.
Adam Grossman (Skrew, Ministry, Angkor Wat) | 03.06.2010 | related articles

I have to say you that i had been follow fabryka since a couple of years and I really enjoy the work that you do for all of us industrial-rockers, it's a great source of new music to discover and old classics to check. I can notice all the dedication and love that you put on your work and I really appreciate that. Greeting from Chile. Last.FM user comment | 06.24.2011 |

File Transfer Protocol
Everything looks GREAT! One of the best interviews I've had. So 'This Machine' is completely yours to put in the downloads section. I am only releasing that through you. Thank you.
Sean Rieger | 04/08/2011 | Interview

File Transfer Protocol
I have to say that I took advantage of this service and found that it helped give global reach for my music at a very reasonable cost. I'll be working with Fabryka again in the near future and would recommend them to any artist trying to raise awareness.
Sean Rieger | 02/11/2011 | Related articles

Mark Blasquez
You guys really gave some great questions. Best interview I've ever received. Thank you!
Mark Blasquez (Crush / DeathRide 69) | 09.08.2010 | related articles

KMP Production
The review was very good and very well said and right down to the point I thought. I believe the guys will be glad to hear that you, one of the few, did NOT compare them to M. Manson which I know they are so tired of hearing :) I will be sure to spread the review and link to your site along with it.
Malin (KMP Killing Machine Production / Man.Machine.Industry) | 09.07.2010 | related articles
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