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Cubanate [reviews]
Antimatter |Dynamica, 1993|

1. Body Burn, 2. Angeldust, 3. Autonomy, 4. Metal (D-Code Hard Mix), 5. Junky, 6. Blackout, 7. Exert/Disorder, 8. Kill or Cure, 9. Body Burn (D-Code Club Mix), 10. Angeltrance (D-Code Mix), 11. Junky (D-Code Industriance Mix), 12. Body Burn (Joolz Extended Mix)

Though "Antimatter" was released in 1993, it definitely stands the test of time as a killer album from a very influential band. I had trouble taking the CD out of my player (for all you old schoolers), or keeping this off loop play mode on my itunes (for all you new schoolers). It really is a severely listenable album by a kickass band.

The classic track "Body Burn" starts the record off, and grabs your attention right from the start. The synth lines are hype on this one, and so are the cutting guitar lines by Phil Barry. The chorus is catchy and rockin', driven home by Marc Heal's aggressive vocals. Heal manages to pump up each track with his distinctive vocal stylings; creating an out of control screaming onslaught that still maintains melody and character.

There are many great tracks on this album, but my favorite would have to be "Kill or Cure". This is one of those rare magic tracks that stays with you days after hearing it, causing one to sing it in the shower or the car. Then of course, causing one to get the CD (or mp3) to keep spinning over and over again. I literally heard this track once, and couldn't stop singing the punk infused hook for a week. This track transcends industrial rock and enters the territory of great song writing. In fact, most of the songs on this album are in the same league.

Though Cubanate delved into a more drum and bass sound on future records, most of the tracks on Antimatter are driven by hard techno beats. This obviously keeps the pulse of the tracks upbeat and driving, (and also doesn't hurt it's chances of being spun in many a club), but by the end of the album I couldn't bare to listen to one more four on the floor beat.

The programming and synth parts on Antimatter are super tight, but many of the sounds are obviously dated now. This aspect aside, the album holds up very well considering it is 15 years old. Also, the four remixes included on this disc are a great addition to the industrial onslaught Cubanate delivers. Of note is the remix of "Body Burn" by Julian Beeston (former Cubanate and Nitzer Ebb member) that caps off the album. Having "Body Burn" top and tail the record is a great way to send off the listeners with the same hyped bang that brought them into it.

I originally discovered Cubanate by retroactively following the career of Marc Heal (I am a HUGE C-Tec fan), and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this group. This is a great debut album from one of the best industrial rock bands and it will continue to be spun on my system whenever I need a blast of pure electronic power. (James Chapple)

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