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Dexy Corp_ [reviews]
Fragmentation |Under Class, 2008|

1. Overlord, 2. Proselytes, 3. A Needle In Each Arm, 4. Anhedonie, 5. Beat Me, 6. Faceless, 7. Dark Bliss, 8. Lie is Life, 9. Incandescent World, 10. Ghost Connection, 11. Death Plastic Surgery

French band Dexy Corp have released a pretty heavy album in "Fragmentation". This record is a no nonsense ride through all of the things you love about industrial metal: shredding guitars, heavy beats, distorted vocals and slick synths. There is certainly a lot of energy and talent on display here, and the band clearly enjoys treating listeners to something hard and loud.

Overall the album has an emphasis on ultra heaviness with its shredding guitar riffs that wouldn't be out of place on any Ministry album (or Pantera for that matter). There is a distorted aggression here that gets the blood pumping and the adrenaline flowing. The aggressive vocals by Doctorkrank (Jean-Baptiste Dropsy) really add to the industrial feel of the band, as his distorted voice seems to fit right into the fray of electronic ass kickery. I particularly enjoyed the screaming chorus of the CD's opener, "Overlord". My only wish is that the vocal tracks had been slightly raised as I had trouble understanding some of the lyrics.

There is also a lot of cool programming on this record as well. The intro to "Anhedonie" caught my attention right away with it's cool filtered loops, and phat drum tones. I also really enjoyed the rockin' outro to "Proselytes" in all it's head banging glitchiness. Throughout the record there are moments of digital manipulation like this that sound really cool and tickle the eardrums. Also I must say I am a big fan of the drum tones. I just can't get enough of tracks like "Ghost Connection", and "Beat Me" for their hard as nails stadium rock kits.

For those that love to thrash out, there is certainly much here to feast on. The drums are banging, the tones are phat, and there is certain loudness to the album that makes it pound out of the speakers even when you have it turned down low. There may even be a little too much heaviness to the album, as it is in the quieter more refined moments that Dexy Corp really shine. These mellower moments make the heavy parts even cooler and balance the album out in a nice way. It also gets difficult to differentiate between some of the tracks after awhile when the dial is constantly set to 11.
This is the band's first full-length release, and overall it is a very strong effort. I look forward to hearing how the band will refine their sound on their future albums. Also, I'm very curious to see how they will turn it up to 12.

(James Chapple. Must not be used for promotional or commercial purposes. See a Legal Note for the copyrights below)

Fragmentation |Under Class, 2008|

1. Overlord, 2. Proselytes, 3. A Needle In Each Arm, 4. Anhedonie, 5. Beat Me, 6. Faceless, 7. Dark Bliss, 8. Lie Is Life, 9. Incandescent World, 10. Ghost Connection, 11. Death Plastic Surgery

Dexy Corp proves once again industrial metal music can be well done in Europe too.
Fragmentation it's the second album by this band giving a reason to place them next to the best French industrial rock or industrial metal fames kind of Punish Yourself, Obszon Geschopf, Moshpit, Prime Sinister or Treponem Pal reunited in 2007.

I had a variety of associations while listening to this album so thus I gave examples in this review to let you compare and get interested in Dexy Corp tunes.

The album begins with the song 'Overlord', which in fact introduces a listener to music filling the whole CD in. There are some samples similar to those used by Ministry in the song intro and the beginning of the next song features something I came across listening to a Skrew track tho it's all kept in a digital hardcore style. Same as A Needle In Each Arm. You'll find a lot of chaos, noises and fast rate in this track. I can hear some possible automatic drums, very fast and somewhat pushy. I wish there was some rock influenced drummer to help the song get a deeper & powerful meaning with a real drum kit!
'Anhedonie' sounds like if inspired by Acumen Nation music with its drum'n'bass dynamics and characteristic vocals. 'Beat Me' is angry and burning like most of old Bile songs with incurable speed and a bit distorted vocals.

My ear was attracted somewhere in the middle of 'Faceless' song thanks to its heavier and looped guitars with kind of demonic atmosphere. It recalls echoes of music by Numb, The Sect, Testify or at least Quake 2 soundtrack! ;) Reverb adds a deeper vibe to the refrains but repetitive phrases get some infinity effect. Heavy metal guitars and trance rhythm will make you come back to the song to listen to it again. It's my first favourite on the CD.

'Dark Bliss' reminds me some Out Out tunes but much more aggressive with addition of things you've heard from Punish Yourself for the nearest comparison.
'Lie Is Life' has Bile-like atmosphere as well, yelled aloud and based on quick rhythm. The next song contains a bite of music typical for Acumen Nation and Cyanotic, so the new wave of industrial music or even digital hardcore. 'Incandescent World' should draw attention because it's both melodic and harsh with a catchy refrain. A front runner number 2.

Then 'Ghost Connection' comes out and to me it's the best industrial metal drive on this CD. Tight song construction and powerful meaning. Fat beat with rave samples and a cloud of guitar riffs and drums filling the gapes remind me tunes by Bile, KMFDM and Jerk a bit too. It's definitely the best song on the album and a reason of why you should put an interest into Dexy Corp's music right away! I listen to such songs most often privately and they stand at the top of my interest. Great track for an industrial metal party too.
People who prefer more... ehm... electro tunes but still with guitar riffs interlaced may like 'Death Plastic Surgery'. Reminds me some Suicide Commando track empowered with guitars and somewhat growled vocals. I guess Acumen Nation fans will be satisfied as well.
There's a hidden track (#12) on the album too kept in a digital hardcore style, very aggressive but it's not caused by guitar riffs but quick beat of the drums. There's Acumen Nation on my mind again! ;)

Dexy Corp is a band well known in both Europe and overseas. They promote this new album playing shows on French club stages. The band improves with every song so I hope to hear more good stuff in the future. The recent shows with Punish Yourself might have made a mark on their tunes so that you can hear a fusion of drums, guitars and vocals in Dexy Corp songs so characteristic for PY. The tracks are short (less than 5 minutes) and the whole CD is worth of a listen so don't hesitate and visit the band at their Myspace profile to stream the songs and decide if you want them!

(Katarzyna 'NINa' Górnisiewicz. Proofreading: Scott M. Owens. Must not be used for promotional or commercial purposes. See a Legal Note for the copyrights below.)

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