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Chemlab [reviews]
Rock Whore Vs. Dance Floor |Invisible Rec., 2006|

Monkey God [Monkey Scratch Mix] - by Needleye, Atomic Automatic [Our Glitch Mode Squad is Dangerous Mix] - by Cyanotic, Black Snake [Gun Remix] - by Terrorfakt, Scornocopia [Glitchstar Mix] - by Christ Analog, Binary Nation [Renegade Mix] - by The Aggression, White Room [Cash for Oil Remix] - by Cubanate, Scornocopia [Scorpio Remix] - by Die Warzau, Megahurtz [Caliopenis vs. Cocktopus Remix] - by Adam Grossman, Binary Nation [16 Volt Max-Out] - by 16 Volt, Queen of Despair [Lay Back and Rock Mix] - by .mnpltr., Megahurtz [mindFIELD Aurora Mix] - by mindFIELD, Force Quit [Lickthevelvetpouch] - by Ipecac Loop, Scornocopia [London Sin-Phony Orgasmus Mix] - by Dave Suycott, Binary Nation [Demento Mix] - by Kill Memory Crash, White Room [Haloblackattack Remix] - by haloblack, Black Snake [Tenderbender Mix] - by Meat Curtain, The Moon Looked Down [Suture Remix] - by Deadliner

The newest Chemlab album is a killer and the second coming on the industrial rock scene. This record contains remixes for the Oxidizer album released in 2004. The mixture of modern electronic sounds, interesting samples, arrangements and the fact the remixes are made for THAT cult band Chemlab that's been playing on industrial rock scene for 17 years so far it's the reason the Rock Whore vs. Dance Floor make a long awaited album in the alternative music scene. Chemlab is well known from its industrial rock experiments, connecting poetic lyrics, electronic music, predatory guitar riffs and expressive vocal parts. The group of remixers understood the Chemlab music leitmotiv well and remixed such songs like: 'Megahurtz', 'Scornocopia', 'Binary Nation', 'White Room Black Eye', 'Black Snake Voodoo Hiss', 'Monkey God', 'The Moon Looked Down' (published on Oxidizer as the last track under the title 'Suture'), 'Atomic Automatic' and 'Queen of Despair'.

The reinterpretation of 'The Moon Looked Down by Deadliner' is a KILLER! I've been listening to it over and over again since yesterday and I just can't stop! :D It's divided into a few atmospheric parts and all of them create one awesome composed remix. What happens after the 2:00 mark might be addictive! ;) Another killing song is the one by Adam Grossman well known from bands like Skrew, Angkor Wat or Ministry. No metal music! The remix is marvelous, sexy and tempting. A guitar solo and tempting sampled drum beats - they work well together! Dave Suycott's song is heavier and more dirty.

There are remixes by industrial/power noise bands like Needleye, Terrorfakt and Christ Analogue. A new (for me) .mnpltr. (manipulator? ;) ) and and two projects gaining more and more fans - mindFIELD and Kill Memory Crash created a variety of remixes remixes suitable for the dance floor. There is also Haloblack [whom I know through his awesome Funkyhell album], here with the remix of 'White Room Black Eye'. On the other side the well known industrial rock bands like Die Warzau, 16volt and Cyanotic. Die Warzau in 'Scornocopia', as usually dynamic, lively and energetic. 16volt with Eric Powell's characteristic guitar riffs and voice in 'Binary Nation'. The extra point for Cyanotic (here in 'Atomic Automatic') whose excellent self-promotion and lots of shows make the audience react.

Thanx to such remix albums we can see the industrial rock scene is not dead yet. Thanx to people who feel that music and know how to reinterpret another band's songs (in this case, the pioneers of industrial rock scene - Chemlab) there is hope for the music to survive in its original form. It's also a nice contrast to pseudo 'industrial' music which wrecks the true industrial music's image and its fans are more interested in dancing than in other, more vital elements of the genre. Dancing to Rock Whore vs. Dance Floor is one hell of a dance album ;)

(Katarzyna 'NINa' Górnisiewicz. Must not be used for promotional or commercial purposes. See a Legal Note for the copyrights below)

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