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Left Spine Down [reviews]
Fighting For Voltage | Synthetic, 2008|

1. Intro, 2. U Can't Stop The Bomb, 3. Ready Or Not, 4. Reset, 5. Caught In Time, 6. Last Daze, 7. Tape 2: Further Studies And Strategies, 8. Prozac Nation, 9. Flip The Switch, 10. Policy Of Hypocrisy, 11. Time Holes, 12. Hang Up, 13. Future Implosion, 14. Ignorance Is Piss, 15. Fighting For Voltage, 16. Outro

The Canadian industrial music scene has been associated to such bands like Front Line Assembly, Numb or Skinny Puppy so far. New bands has began to attack the scene these days however a few of their members have cooperated with FLA. So thus there have been interesting CD releases from Stiff Valentine, Left Spine Down or Promonium Jesters.

There are Jeremy Inkel (keyboards, programming, sound design) and Jared Slingerland (guitars) in the LSD lineup (former FLA members) but also Denyss McKnight former bass player of The Black Halos, Kaine D3l4y (vocals), Matt Girvan (guitar) and Tim Hagberg on drums.
There's also some new and fresh content necessary to make a progress of the certain music style coming along with the new bands. LSD mingles influences of industrial rock, punk, hip hop or even drum'n'bass. Most of their songs are about high dynamics, punk revolution, concept cohesion and high quality music production. Listening to them I'm getting an impression if there was a fusion of Sex Pistols and The Clash ran through a filter called the XXI century computer based technology it would create such a Left Spine Down.

The album concept is based on a mixture between strict raw experimental-industrial compositions and songs with a standard rock construction including verses and choruses. Because of that you can set your own playlist to either rock tracks or industrial arrangements. However the album should be considered as the whole work.
There's my favourite song Reset on the CD known from Smartbomb EP released much earlier. Flip The Switch and Hang Up remind me the late Pitchshifter's recordings but the title songs Fighting For Voltage sounds like calling for a truly punk, or if about LSD – cyberpunk revolution enriched with fast guitar riffs, drum beats and rowdy vocals. There are also a few short, noisy, industrial compositions also like Intro, Caught in Time, Tape 2- Further Studies And Strategies, Time Holes, Future Implosion and Outro.

The final LSD product is an example of a very well done job, creative ideas input and professionally drafted bills. The CD has been sold in a carefully designed digipack with the pictures of band members and the lyrics, all printed on a high quality paper.

(Katarzyna 'NINa' Górnisiewicz. Must not be used for promotional or commercial purposes. See a Legal Note for the copyrights below)
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