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[Fabryka] Where does industrial music come from?

SUBCULTURE (in Poland)
Hidden. Industrialists have several parties, fanzines, meetings. Everything is powered by their own money, so many projects cease to exist after 3-6 attempts.
No professional press is published or obtainable in music shops. Information about the industrial scene is gathered from magazines released in USA, Germany, UK and of course, the Net. In Krakow, Klub Re bravely offered some avantgarde-industrial-noise parties and performances.

Poland: fanzines are self-financed (it means they are dying out after 2,3 issues because of a serious lack of sponsorship). It's hard to find any sponsors, because it's not popular enough. Printing is most expensive, next comes advertising. A vicious circle. It's better to make websites and reach the few interested people for free. Recommended zines: Syndrom, Cold (both exclusively industrial).

The party uniform: some people prefer Genesis P-Orridge's looks - "military style", with leather extras. Colours - usually black, green or camo. Other versions include "Reznor style", "Jourgensen style", "Pitchshifter style", "Skinny Puppy style", etc. - ripping off an idol's style is popular and accepted. You can take overalls and gas masks to a party. The clothing must be raw, simple, aggressive and hard. You won't find goth lace or hip-hop trousers with a lowered crotch.
Shoes: heavy leather boots. But you can experiment.
Haircuts: extravagant, avantgarde, shocking - whatever colour you like, as long as it's visible. Sharp contrasts are welcome, half black, half red and other combinations as well. The hair is frequently shredded, dreadlocked, ponytailed (in the middle of one's head), shaved on the sides with a mohawk, and so on - generally, punk hairstyles are preferred. The Germans, Brits and Americans are pretty inventive here.
Make up: heavy, sometimes on men as well.
The West knows fans of industrial and indurock or electro-goth are known as "rivetheads."

The power of impact (Poland)
Probably not a single noteworthy Polish label is interested in promoting an artist with an industrial, noise or indurock background. The label won't make money on such music, so it's not economically acceptable to invest in such bands. If there are any industrial bands, they play gigs and create music on an amateur level. It's probably a bit easier for those who play metal-industrial, as metal music is pretty popular in Poland even now, so such musicians can always "plug into" the metal genre and sell / promote their music.

Thanx go to...
...Vesper for his English translation of the whole article. The man is well known of his open mind, the Internet engagement and radio activities. Check his Myspace profile and let your industrial rock music be played on Radiomancer radio show hosted by Vesper! Great, great job!!! :))

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[Text: Katarzyna 'NINa' Górnisiewicz, 2003. Pictures: Internet]
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