[non-industrial] Bruno Pittelli - Emotion
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Bruno Pittelli - Emotion (song review) |self-released, Stay Here EP, 2013|

For centuries, it's been known that music is directly linked to emotions. People look for certain songs based on a specific rhythm or atmosphere, but also express their own feelings through making music. What’s more, successful therapeutic healing through arts is a fact. Some people feel better when darker or heavier compositions occupy their minds, others prefer to stick to softer tones.
According to the 20 year-old composer of “Emotion”, making music provides a medium for communicating his own emotions, especially when they are stimulated by a sudden onrush of energy.

The aptly named track brings a positive, soothing vibe and non-intrusive guitar soloing. This rather short instrumental composition starts with a rock drum beat, promptly followed by an uplifting and proud arrangement - think of a 'victory' musical theme.
Next, synths bring on a slightly classical, gentle tune along with graded guitar riffs. The song structure changes and tempo increases with a dynamic rock cannonade beginning right afterwards. Now the soloing guitar and heavier drums take the lead while the bass adjusts accordingly. Passionate and repeating light riffs flow smoothly. If you like a neo-classical approach to guitar solos, you will totally enjoy Bruno's guitar play.
The synth part returns, joined by soothing riffs, stable drum beats and well-matched bass lines. The fade out effect that ends the track (and is quite a good idea for this type of composition) could have been extended a bit, though. Nevertheless, representatives of the movie industry should appreciate this song if it was submitted for licensing. The short piece could also be incorporated into a more complex neo-classical composition.

Pittelli generally plays several electric guitars. For “Emotion”, he used his signature Red'n'Blue Flames guitar by Italian manufacturer Molinelli. The instrument provided a very melodic, sentimental sound, suitable for extended solos, as well as rock ballads.

This guitarist had entered several European music contests and won a few awards so far. Make sure you'll visit his website to follow the latest news. You can also watch him play in a few music videos available on YouTube.

(Katarzyna 'NINa' Górnisiewicz, Fabryka Music Magazine, December 27th, 2013. Proofreading: Mike 'Vesper' Dziewoński).

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