[non-industrial] EB11 - System Breakdown
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EB11 - System Breakdown (song review) |self-released, single, 2012|

EB11 is an alternative/rock band located in Tenerife, Spain which was initially a solo project founded by Eber Pitrelli (vocals, guitar) in 2006. Having much more to offer than just audio productions and studio releases, he decided to look for other skilled musicians to play live shows together. Presently, the line up of EB11 also includes Joaquin Tulian on guitar, drummer Manuel Conti and Alberto Delgado on bass.

It sounds like "System Breakdown" is one of most energetic songs the band has recorded so far as it encompasses the spirit of raw rock within a very well arranged composition. Short and cutting guitar riffs rhythmically support edgy, grunge-esque vocals while the drums and bass speed the heartbeat of the listener. The vocal sections are underlined by guitar arrangements giving them additional vibration.

The composition sounds very solid from its almost acoustic beginning to the intensified end as it contains both hooky verses and melodic choruses. The musicians collaborate very well. You'll spot a bit of guitar soloing as well as nice transitions that are very characteristic for rock music including the alternative and grunge sub-genres.

"System Breakdown" has hit potential and should be targeted for radio airplay rotation since the song is a great addition to any alt-rock music collection. A various artists compilation released as a CD or a digital download and distributed through rock magazines worldwide could offer the band some better recognition. It's never too late to search for such an opportunity on-line.
The track sounds like if it was inspired by bands such as Incubus, Foo Fighters or Breaking Benjamin, but it may recall the sound of System of a Down as well. If you are fans of the above mentioned bands and looking for a new musical discovery, EB11 should be your next focal point. So far, the band has released the She EP and a full length album called D.I.Y which is only available to purchase during their shows. EB11 has been diligently working on their second full length album that is to be followed by a tour sometime in the near future.

(Katarzyna 'NINa' Górnisiewicz, Fabryka Music Magazine, December 28th, 2012. Proofreading: Scott M. Owens)

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