[non-industrial] Joel Smith Project – Vision
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Joel Smith Project – Vision |self-released, Adam's Awakening, 2011|

If you're not yet familiar with the Joel Smith Project, the song "Vision" should give you a vivid picture of what this Californian rock musician is truly capable of with his voice, guitar playing and songwriting abilities.

This is the third track on the Adam's Awakening album and was produced by Rich Mouser, however Joel's vocals sound much more predatory this time in comparison to some of his other compositions.
"Vision" begins with a dynamic drumbeat which immediately provides the direction towards the development of the song. Moreover, when the energetic guitar riffs join the beat and Joel's vocals come in, you'll be sure you've found a truly talented musician and a good rock song too.

As usual, Joel creates a boiling storm of positive moods which calm down near the end of the song. A very solid, yet viral rhythm section carries the vocals and guitar solos throughout the entire track. The arrangements are well balanced and kept in correct proportions. The song is also spiced up with a guitar solo reminiscent of the styles of Jimi Hendrix. All of this should tell you a lot about Joel's knowledge of songwriting, which are key values in terms of making powerful music.

"Vision" is like a pair of stylish blue jeans where everybody is familiar with the shape. Guitar riffs interlace with drums and bass like stitches while percussion creates the belt loops as Joel's voice proudly wears them all.
This song is a representation of the spirit of rock music which most people will not only accept, but remember and breathe in. Listeners may link the vibes of this song to the styles of grunge as well as 70's hard rock.
The music of the Joel Smith Project is vital and confident. There is no hesitation, negativity, empty lines or spaces. Intelligent and catchy rock tracks draw attention instantly.

The song is pretty short, but kept just long enough for Joel to express his passion for music and allow the listener to enjoy the final result. You can purchase "Vision" or the entire Adam's Awakening album with a strong recommendation as one of the best additions to enrich your home music catalogue.

(Katarzyna 'NINa' Górnisiewicz, Fabryka Magazine, March 23rd, 2012. Proofreading: Scott M. Owens)

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