[non-industrial] The Minutians - What's Wrong With My Car
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The Minutians - What's Wrong With My Car (feat. Nicole) (song review) |self-released, 2012|

Who are The Minutians? The original name, known as Koropokkuru comes from the Japanese islands where it was first used in the folklore of an ethnic group called the Ainu. It was meant as a term of classification for an ancient race of people who were very short in height. Over 10 years ago the idea was borrowed by television cartoon creators who used the Japanese term of koropokkur. This was subsequently translated into English as The Minutians and was incorporated into animated series such as manga Shaman King and was utilized to illustrate a lilliputian group of ghosts or miniature aliens as pictured in My Life as a Teenage Robot.

The Minutians are an American band that seem to balance on the edge of making music with a comedic context for fun that is cleverly mixed with heavy and aggressive songwriting.
The song "What's Wrong With My Car" was recorded by the band, but not yet released on an album. This track doesn't begin with an intro, however it seems to start from a variation of the chorus. Moreover, the entire composition appears as if it was based on all sorts of interjected choruses placed in segments where verses are normally located. It's an original solution that goes beyond the typical recording process and was seemingly composed with intention.

Regardless of the fact that this collage of sounds is based on vocals, guitars, drums and bass it also brings with it some associations to rebellious music that has been on the hit list over the last three decades. It should be noticed that The Minutians tend to create their own style independently from any possible inspirations. Arrangements that are often used in metal music give the song additional dynamics, but the female background vocals pacify the anger.

Perfect collaboration between the musicians speak volumes towards their high aspirations. The band is currently located in Philadelphia, PA and includes members Matt C. Morgan (guitar, vocals), Gary Clements (drums, vocals, harmonica) and Joe Harris (bass, vocals). As you can see, each of the members perform vocals which is not a typical practice for a rock band.

This composition is a revival of diversified moods that draws attention to from the very first listen and becomes easily memorable due to catchy songwriting. If you're looking for a refreshing sound that sets itself apart from mainstream music of the past 30 years, then "What's Wrong With My Car" may be a good choice. This song sounds fun!

(Katarzyna 'NINa' Górnisiewicz, Fabryka Magazine, March 12th, 2012. Proofreading: Scott M. Owens)

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