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Stone Sonic - Evolution (song review) |self-released, Not Your Typical High, 2011|

Stone Sonic hails from sunny California, where guitar driven music has always done very well. Californian musicians are well known for creating compositions which do not miss compelling songwriting elements while not being overloaded with sounds. It could be said they are the perfect structures, where verses and choruses appear in the right spots to hook you in and keep in time.

The most specific feature of guitar driven music is that it doesn't get old as quickly as electronica does. Of course, any sensitive ear can catch subtle differences in sound between metal such as Queensryche from the 80's compared to the present sound, however it is the progress of technology which determines these changes in production quality.
Stone Sonic makes their compositions based on hard rock, groove and continuously evolving progressive metal in the vein and continuity of Velvet Revolver, The Cult, Mother Love Bone or Disturbed who are amongst their inspirations.
Stone Sonic recently released a song called "Evolution" that appeared on the album Not Your Typical High.

The track is opened by Brooks Ramsdell playing hard rock guitar solos along with a rhythm guitar supported by the music of Randy Bridges (bass) and Steve Coulthard (drums) in an alluring display of harmonic cooperation.
After this intro, Gerry de Leon takes charge of the song by accenting the very first word of every verse with a specific vocal pattern. His razor sharp voice allows him to chop the song into equal parts. The vocals fit well into the melodies and are completed by guitar solos with the support of the rhythm section and a solid groove.

There are a few well known features which determine a majority of music listeners interest in paying attention to a specific song. A listeners choice may come from a correspondence between the songs vibe and the style guidelines of their preferred field of music due to its influence on brainwaves. Duration also becomes ideal in this context, especially surrounding vocals and repetitive parts with the most ideal time being around 4 minutes. Musical skills, vocal talent, rhythm and dynamics all must conspire appropriately to produce harmonic arrangements and dynamic atmospheres.
Last but not least, there are accents on certain parts of a song like solos, overdubs and final mastering that speak for the quality of a song. This formula makes for good promotion which can be done easily with the use of today’s social networks.

"Evolution" complies with all above compositional standards and has a probable chance to become a radio hit. It’s a song which can be compared to a living organism, with its blood flowing strong and healthy stable heartbeat.

(Katarzyna ‘NINa’ Górnisiewicz, Fabryka Magazine, January 12th, 2012. Proofreading: Scott M. Owens)

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