Juggernautz [reviews]
Updated by Draconina on 03/30/2008 22:07
Juggernautz |Tooth & Nail Records, 2002|

1. The Reach, 2. UR, 3. Everyday, 4. Fury, 5. Mandarin Sky, 6. Pacificoaster, 7. Everlasting, 8. Don't Be Afraid, 9. Believing, 10. You Are The Light

It's kind of strange to me and amazing at the same time it's an album about God surrounded by a cloud of heavy guitars and industrial samples. Not that I'd been into any religions, as atheism is my way of life, but coming from a Catholic religion orientated country I've hardly came across such releases so far, except for Circle of Dust.
Juggernautz it's another band from Tooth & Nails team, with a line-up: Jyro Xhan (known from Mortal, vocals, guitar, programming), Jmfei (keyboards, samples), Jksoze (bass) and Jrtomasi (loops). The band is known better in the USA than Europe but the CD contains songs with a balanced level of guitars and electronic, tho sometimes too much of electronics comes out. The tracks aren't impressive. It's more likely as listening to copies of Gravity Kills or Pitchshifter's weaker albums. Definitely I got tired of standard effects coming from music making software. The main feature of this CD is its mediocrity, but a plus is that it's kept in fact in the industrial rock vibe. ( Katarzyna NINa Górnisiewicz. Must not be used for promotional or commercial purposes. See a Legal Note for the copyrights below)