Circle of Dust [reviews]
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Metamorphosis |R.E.X. Records, 1993|

1.Brainchild - Deviate (Sawed-Off Shotgun Edit),2.Brainchild - Descend (Pit Of Hell Mix),3.Brainchild - Heldweller,4.Brainchild - Nihilistic Void,5.Living Sacrifice - Void Expression (Blank Stare Mix),6.Living Sacrifice - Black Veil,7.Living Sacrifice - Distorted (Alternate Reality Mix),8.Living Sacrifice - Desolate,9.Living Sacrifice - Sacrificed,10.Circle Of Dust - Dissolved (Disintegration Mix),11.Circle Of Dust - Consequence (Temporary Mix),12.Circle Of Dust - Consequence (Eternal Mix),13.Circle Of Dust - Self Inflict,14.Circle Of Dust - Daraq

To make the long story short, in 1993 R.E.X. Records released a collective CD which included remixes created by 3 projects - Circle of Dust, Brainchild and Living Sacrifice. Both Brainchild and Circle of Dust were children of Scott Klayton, standing for Celldweller these days. 12 years later the albums of COD, Argyle Park and Brainchild were re-released by Retroactive Records. Brainchild was previously Circle of Dust album title but later became a name for the band and released an album called Mindwrap. All of it happened due to, as it's said, problems with the R.E.X. label.

I find Helldweller the most interesting from the entire set of songs (great death metal vocals) and I guess the song title was the origin for Cellweller's name. I like also Circle of Dust - Dissolved and Self-Inflict tracks because of the industrial-metal vibes. Living Sacrifice is described as a Christian music venture (!) performed Void Expression with many of black metal-like guitar riffs and some hellish atmosphere but it's worth of listening for sure. Polish Christians would be scared tho and might curse Living Sacrifice to go to hell with their music ;) To sum up - this is a heavy album and a way more difficult to learn if you used to listen to f.e. Celldweller's efforts.

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Brainchild |R.E.X. Records, 1994|

1. Cranial Tyrant,2. Telltale Crime,3. Prayers of a Dead Man,4. Regressor (Aggressive Mix),5. Enshrined,6. Course of Ruin,7. Descend,8. Deviate,9. Pale Reflection,10. Aggressor (Regressive Mix)

Circle of Dust was a project of Klayton (ex-Argyle Park, Celldweller these days) and Darren Diolosa (Klank). It was a very remarkable band founded in the late 80's and what's surprising they were considered as a Christian band. I have no idea why (besides the REX record label, releasing Christian music) because their music was nearer the devils than any angels ;). To make the long story short, Klayton, then nicknamed as Scott Albert presented his abilities of mixing edgy guitar riffs with sampling and dynamical compositions. The good examples are Telltale Crime and Enshrined (remind me Ministry and Skrew efforts), Cranial Tyrant or Deviate with juicy guitar solos. My favorite song is Prayers of a Dead Man, dark and progressive. There are also kind of apocalyptic themes like Pale Reflection track. Front Line Assembly fans may like Regressor (Aggressive Mix), but I do recommend to listen to the album for all of you looking for non standard music and Celldweller's fans, just to check out where Klayton's talent had its beginning.

(Katarzyna 'NINa' Górnisiewicz, 2008. Must not be used for promotional or commercial purposes. See a Legal Note for the copyrights below.)

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