My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult (MLWTTKK) [reviews]
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13 Above the Night |Interscope, 1993|

1. The Velvet Edge, 2. Delicate Terror, 3. Badlife, 4. Dirty Little Secrets, 5. China de Sade, 6. Dimentia 66, 7. Final Blindness, 8. Blue Buddha, 9. Starmartyr, 10. Electrical Soul Wish, 11. 13 Above the Night, 12. Disko Fleshpot, 13. Savage Sexteen

My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult draws attention with their long name, that’s for sure. Besides that they are one of the bands counted to the industrial rock scene, however they have had 70s disco and funky music influences as well as psychedelic vibes to be found f.e. in Pink Floyd’s tracks.

Moreover hot beautiful girls feature at their show both on the stage and below it. Sexy women are significant fundamentals in MLWTTKK stage image. Can you imagine James Bond series without hot chicks? This is the same about the band. They are not an eye catcher in the line up, they are talented singers so this is how they’ve been Pepper Somerset, Jacky Blacque, Sinderella Pussie, Rhonda Bond, Viva Nova, Arena Rock, Kitty Killdare in the band line-up but also a drummer Linda LeSabre (Beat Mistress), all forming so called the Bomb Gang Girlz. Besides them there’s been a charismatic Groovie Mann, a person of many talents Buzz McCoy and Charles Levi, a specialist in adding funky groove bass lines to industrial-rock tracks.

This is the album of many, which the band released in the 90s. There’s a lot of funky vibe, psychedelic content, strange dialogues sampled out of movies and tempting female voices. My favorite track is Badlife, very funky orientated, the same thing about Disko Fleshpot or Dirty Little Secrets. Charles Levi gave a show of his bass player’s abilities in Blue Buddha.
The only one song which seem to stand out of the tracklist is Savage Sixteen with its more modern, as for the 90s music sound, stronger beat and house vibe.
13 Above the Night it’s a good point of departure to know more about MLWTTKK, but it’s not their best CD.

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Confessions of a Knife |Wax Trax! 1990, Rykodisk 2004|

1. A Daisy Chain 4 Satan (Acid and Flowers Mix), 2. The Days of Swine and Roses, 3. Hand in Hand, 4. Waiting for Mommie, 5. Confessions of a Knife (Theme Part I), 6. Ride the Mindway, 7. Rivers of Blood, Years of Darkness, 8. Kooler Than Jesus (Electric Messiah Mix), 9. Burning Dirt, 10. Confessions of a Knife (Theme Part II), 11. Waiting For Mommie (JB's Blackjack Mix), 12. Ride The Mindway (UK Remix), 13. Confessions Of A Knife (Theme Part 3)

It’s a band founded in 1987 releasing albums, singles, EPs, remixes quite regularly and touring as often as working in the studio.

The band’s name come from a movie title by Marston E. Daley (Buzz McCoy) and Frankie Nardiello aka Groovie Mann, (they performed in Special Effect with Al Jourgensen a founder of Ministry). Daley and Nardiello worked out an image based on horror movies, as well as used samples cut out of movies this kind. MLWTTKK is also one of the few bands recording for a famous Chicago based industrial record label Wax Trax! and making continuously groove industrial music for years. Charles Levi joins the ranks of other bands, mostly industrial rock kind of so the list lenghtens every year, what’s more it’s easy to recognize his characteristic, vibrating bass lines.

Confessions of a Knife it’s another controversially named album by MLWTTKK, including 13 songs both funky and electronic, industrial and house tuned. Remastered version of the album differs to the original of the three ending songs. Rykodisc, for which MLWTTKK has been releasing albums since leaving Wax Trax! remastered the album after 14 years since it’s premiere.

There are a few great songs on the album like Hand in Hand with its trance, subdued climate and industrial background, way similar to the early Ministry stuff. Waiting for Mommie is a happy, glam-funky track with funny lyrics. It’s also a sound of Wax Trax!, which appears in a few Ministry songs from the early 80s. The title track (Theme Part I) sounds charming thanks to its gentle guitar riffs and subtle but solid bass rhythm, alike in (Theme Part II). It’s an instrumental track at the same time. I liked Ride the Mindway too for its coherent dynamics and Kooler Than Jesus (Electric Messiah Mix), already a cult MLWTTKK songs played on most of the band’s shows.
But what I loved it’s the third Theme for Confessions of a Knife, I guess the most industrial, with a siren and gloomy background, devilish vocals kept in an oniric vibe. It’s the best album of those I’ve heard by MLWTTKK so far.

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The Filthiest Show In Town |Rykodisc, 2007|

1. Cadillac Square, 2. Born Of Fire, 3. Jet Set Sex, 4. High Class Taboo, 5. Me & Harlow, 6. Sophisticated Living, 7. TV Sista, 8. My Kinda Guy, 9. Jive Ass Ave

I have no idea if MLWTTKK fans expected a surprise, but speaking of the band which used to make surprises since their very beginning didn’t meet the expectations this time.

The album sounds funky, groove, jazz and a bit industrial rock still but as they say, the more you’re older the more calmed down you become. On condition that one’s not an alcohol addict ;) Anyways, the album lacks some fun and psychedelic vibe known from previous releases. Moreover this album could be played in a coffee bar which you visit for a quick chat with a friend. The best example for above is a song called Born of Fire. Jet Set Sex sounds way more funky, but they used some effects which remind me those used by f.e. Cher in her newest radio hits. High Class Taboo has somewhat blues vibe, sounds like an image of wide deserts of the USA. Sophisticated Living it’s a tribute to funky known from Jamiroquai albums, gentle, smooth jazz bass, nice guitar riff which you could fins also on Lenny Kravitz’s CDs, attractive saxophone sound, girls in back vocals and a piano so often used in the 70s funky music. It’s a very relaxing track indeed.

This album is definitely different to any other released by MLWTTKK with its rather peaceful, club music.

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Diamonds & Daggerz |Rykodisc, 2004|

1. Dream 101, 2. Devil Rider, 3. Hot Rod Boys, 4. MZ Disco, 5. Sex Whip, 6. Out 4 The Kill, 7. Mondo Fever, 8. Flesh Star, 9. Young Tongue, 10. Evil Lover, 11. Dope Kult, 12. The End

It’s a remix CD released after the band left Wax Trax! to sign a deal with Rykodisk in 2004. Dance floor parties orientated didn’t bring me any greater impressions, but clubbers should like it way more than I ;) Young Tongue is a good example for the party thanks to its beat. An ambient The End track ends the CD. ( Katarzyna NINa Górnisiewicz. Must not be used for promotional or commercial purposes. See a Legal Note for the copyrights below)

Best of My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult |Rykodisc, 2004|

1. 13 Above The Night, 2. Do U Fear (For Your Child)? , 3. A Martini Built For 2, 4. Apollo 69, 5. Sex On Wheelz, 6. Girl Without A Planet, 7. Devil Bunnies,
8. Blondes With Lobotomy Eyes, 9. A Daisy Chain 4 Satan, 10. ‘Cuz It’s Hot (edit), 11. Hour Of Zero, 12. The Velvet Edge, 13. After The Flesh (remix), 14. Kooler Than Jesus (edit), 15. The Untouchable Class, 16. And This Is What The Devil Does

It’s a collection of the most famous MLWTTKK songs grabbed from their previous albums. I like this jazzy A Martini Built For 2 and funky Apollo 69, as well as Sex On Wheel with rock guitars, jazz trumpet and a piano. You may like also Devil Bunnies with rock’n’roll rhythm and a catchy refrain. A remix of After the Flash is something between guitar driven industrial and rockabilly. The Untouchable Class sounds the most rock than any other MLWTTKK song. Fans of less guitars but more synths Ministry music may like And This Is What The Devil Does. It’s an interesting collection, recommended for MLWTTKK beginners. ( Katarzyna NINa Górnisiewicz. Must not be used for promotional or commercial purposes. See a Legal Note for the copyrights below)

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