Motorex [reviews]
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Motorex |2007|

1. I Am Philth, 2. Kvnt, 3. Mind On The Pussy, 4. 21st Century Porno Stars, 5. Gang Bang Knock Out, 6. How I Grind, 7. Penatentiary, 8. Dickshift, 9. Assexxx, 10. Taste My Justice, 11. First Last Date, 12. Daddy's Little Girl, 13. Brains, 14. Lindsay Lohan

SiNDADDY has been busy, and takes part in a variety of projects from his own SiNDADDY, through a cooperation with Fuck All Y'all, Drukore, The Bonesaws, Bukkake Boy (from Gut and Libido Airbag), Paige Taylor (porno star), Scott La Rock (of Hole and a Heartbeat porno crew), and is doing programming on the next Society 1 disc "Sadist Messiah" (of whom leader Matt Zane crossed over from porno directing into music). Motorex is one of his projects in which he moonlights as "MC MoneyShot".

There are 14 songs on the album kept in a vibe of getto-tech, noisy electronics, rap and industrial metal, just in this order. Such music was kind of difficult to my ear because tracks have rutted rhythm, but someone who likes an original electronic music, distorted vocals, provocative lyrics and gore atmosphere similar to Skinny Puppy's may like Motorex efforts.

Album full of porn, violence, sampled dialogues from horrors, adrenaline, testosterone and all those dark issues the band described as "Fuck Core, Rape Hop, Smut Grind." Song no. 14 it's a remix of Terrorama origianlly performed by SiNDADDY on his album "IntelligenCIA". ( Katarzyna NINa Górnisiewicz. Must not be used for promotional or commercial purposes. See a Legal Note for the copyrights below)