Nine Inch Nails [reviews]
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The Fragile |Nothing/Interscope, 1999, {halo 14}|

Somewhat Damaged, The Day The World Went Away, The Frail, The Wretched, We're In This Together, The Fragile, Just Like You Imagined, Even Deeper, Pilgrimage, No, you don't, The Great Below, The Way Out Is Through, Into The Void, Where Is Everybody?, The Mark has Been Made, Please, Starfuckers, inc., Complication, I'm looking forward to joining you finally, The Big Come Down, Underneath It All, Ripe (with decay)

A long awaited NIN record is out fortunately. It's the first studio album with the completely new songs since the time The Downward Spiral has been released.

After 5 years of a hiatus we got 2 CDs with 24 songs on them. There are a few instrumental soundscapes like [The Mark Has Been Made, Ripe (with Decay), Pilgrimage], which can stand brave as soundtracks for a movie. Harder beats included in songs like Please, Underneath It All, The Wretched, Starfuckers or No, You Don't. There are lots of industrial samples with a bit oriental vibe.

No worries about guitars, there is again Adrian Belew (King Crimson) with his typical riffs. Some of the songs sound soft like La Mer with a female voice and The Frail or The Fragile. It's easy to dance to Into The Void, which could fit to the NIN debut Pretty Hate Machine album.
The song I can recommend it's Just Like You Imagined, a very complex, very progressive song with a variety of sounds which can sum up both of the CDs content.

The minus is the artwork. NIN CD covers were symbolical and easy to remember with they typical artifacts. They say the more simple you create the more elegant it looks like but... A field with flowers or a humdrum bi-colour artwork doesn't work well for NIN. Ugly! On the whole it is the album you should listen to a few times because the music is not so easy to remember.

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Things Falling Apart |Nothing, 2000, {halo 16}| (because of 10 Miles High (version))|

Slipping Away, The Great Collapse, The Wretched (version), Starfuckers Inc. (version), The Frail (version), Starfuckers Inc. (version), Where Is Everybody? (version), Metal, 10 Miles High (version), Starfuckers (version)

No remoreses: the newest NIN album title is predictable. What's more it's worth to mention that Fixed or Further Down The Spiral belonged to sorta family and after listening we could say - yes it was labelled by Reznor. The new born child of Reznor's care is an orhpan. I have no idea if Trent aimed to earn more money or, what is more probable, wanted to be a good friend for his pals from the band and let them make music too but... the fact is one: Nine Inch Nails has never ever released such a crappy record as Things Falling Apart is. It should be never released. Such a music could work well with a bootleg or some pirated collection with the rejected demo versions or so... Unfortunately Things Falling Apart scares because it is and itself.

What can we expect there? Totally amateur music stays in a conflict with famous Reznor's songs made earlier. Some accidentally chosen samples, 3 failed versions of Starfuckers, dull cover of Gary Numan's 'Metal' song (recorded circa Further Down The Spiral era). There is only one song - 10 Miles High (version) which was placed on We're In This Together single. Mr Reznor, please don't do such things in the future. Other than that the fans will be forced to divide NIN ventures in two with a date of 1999 as a decadent turning point for NIN music...

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The Slip |The Null Corporation, 2008, {halo 27}|
Audio content: 1. 999,999, 2.1,000,000, 3. Letting You, 4. Discipline, 5. Echoplex, 6. Head Down, 7. Lights In The Sky, 8. Corona Radiata, 9. The Four of Us Are Dying, 10. Demon Seed

Video content: 1. 1,000,000, 2. Letting You, 3. Discipline, 4. Echoplex, 5. Head Down

I am one of those old school Nine Inch Nails fans, you know, the kind that is used to waiting 4-5 years between albums. Thus, I am still trying to get used to the fact that Trent Reznor is on a creative explosion, releasing 4 albums since 2005. I am still digesting the four-course meal that is Ghosts, so the release of The Slip caught me a bit off guard. Because I've been disappointed with some of the newer NIN material I decided to approach listening to this album without any expectations. I found, once I let go of my preconceptions of what a NIN album "should" be, I was pleasantly surprised!

The Slip is at its core a pop album, with hooky melodies and driving rock riffs interlaced with that signature NIN ear candy. This is a guitar driven album and the big studio sound has been toned down in favor of a more lo-fi approach. It took me a few listens to get the sound of the record, but I've come to really enjoy the production aesthetic and the tunes themselves. Reznor has achieved a beautiful dissonance in many of the guitar and synthlines on the album. It does take the ears a little getting used to, but hey, I like the kind of music you have to dig a little deeper for.
Standout tracks for me are "Letting You", "Echoplex", "Head Down", "1,000,000" and my favorite "Demon Seed". The instrumental track "The Four of Us are Dying" is also one of the best tracks on the record. It's infectious bass groove and sweet guitar lines are a hypnotic listen and also a nice intermission from the intensity of the heavier songs.

The vocal content overall is very tasteful and Trent's skills writing melodic hooks are on display. Even the vocal lines I would normally find cheesy ("Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah," and "La, la, la, la" anyone?) seem to fit into place with the pseudo-pop sound of the record.
There are a few songs I am not particularly fond of but I can still appreciate the fact they are interesting, well written tracks. "Discipline", for example, feels like a lesser version of older NIN material but it's phat, disco-like feel and melodic chorus will appeal to many listeners, especially those that like to dance. "Lights In The Sky" is another track I frequently skip, though it has its own place in the ebb and flow of the album and the piano chords are definitely well written.

The Slip is available as a free download directly from, but being a fan of the traditional album, I picked up a copy of the physical CD from my local record shop. The artwork is slick, each copy is individually numbered (190,627/250,000, in case you were wondering) and the stickers, lyrics/liner notes and a DVD of rehearsal footage from the current tour make the album a complete package. Watching the band performing the tracks is engaging and their live setup is total gear porn for the tech heads (see Josh Freese's drum machine on "Echoplex"). Although the rehearsal footage can be found online it is nice to have the performances on DVD to fully appreciate the visuals and tight sound mix.

It is also of note that the record was released under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike license. Basically, this means that people can legally share it, remix it or put it on their podcast without fear of legal repercussions. This is a pretty progressive way to release and license music, and it is interesting to see Reznor continue to be on the cutting edge.

Overall, The Slip is a strong piece of work. It is by no means the best NIN album but certainly is a welcome addition to my music collection. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for the sound of one of my favorite bands. If there is one thing I've come to learn about Nine Inch Nails in the past few years it is to expect the unexpected. (James Chapple)

Ghosts I-IV |The Null Corporation, 2008, {halo 26}|

Ghosts I: 01. 1 Ghosts I, 02. 2 Ghosts I, 03. 3 Ghosts I, 04. 4 Ghosts I, 05. 5 Ghosts I, 06. 6 Ghosts I, 07. 7 Ghosts I, 08. 8 Ghosts I, 09. 9 Ghosts I
Ghosts II: 10. 10 Ghosts II, 11. 11 Ghosts II, 12. 12 Ghosts II, 13. 13 Ghosts II, 14. 14 Ghosts II, 15. 15 Ghosts II, 16. 16 Ghosts II, 17. 17 Ghosts II, 18. 18 Ghosts II
Ghosts III: 19. 19 Ghosts III, 20. 20 Ghosts III, 21. 21 Ghosts III, 22. 22 Ghosts III, 23. 23 Ghosts III, 24. 24 Ghosts III, 25. 25 Ghosts III, 26. 26 Ghosts III, 27. 27 Ghosts III
Ghosts IV: 28. 28 Ghosts IV, 29. 29 Ghosts IV, 30. 30 Ghosts IV, 31. 31 Ghosts IV, 32. 32 Ghosts IV, 33. 33 Ghosts IV, 34. 34 Ghosts IV, 35. 35 Ghosts IV, 36. 36 Ghosts IV

The newest Nine Inch Nails 4 CD set came out unexpected with no greater promotion opposite to With Teeth released in 2006 and supported by an interactive, mysterious conspiracy-like promotional acts. The difference to that record is even more significiant as all of the new songs are only instrumental, featuring Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross, Alan Moulder, Alessandro Cortini, Adrian Belew and Brian Viglione, all mastered by Tom Baker who worked with NIN in the 90s.

First of all, the album has been offered in pre-sale under Creative Commons license, what means sharing and remixing possibilities with a limited use but still leaving a lot of opportunities to manipulate the files. Secondary, Ghosts I-IV has been available in a few purchase options, also as downloadable files (from NIN server which actually came across an overloading and was shut down for a few minutes) and from ...The Pirate Bay torrent server. The limited, printed and signed by Reznor 4CD version of 2500 CDs was sold during the 2 days, being sold a day after for a price of $1500-2000 on eBay (a price on was $300 per CD set) tho the auctions were removed from the service quickly.

Those 36 songs were recorded during 10 weeks, as the band say, with no scheduled concept and preparations. Other than that I like when the musicians improvise, what seemingly turns out the best in jazz music, but here we have ambient, electronic music cut with rock vibes thanks to Adrian Belew, King Crimson guitar player, who worked with NIN on their The Downward Spiral and The Fragile albums. In fact his guitar improvisations drew my attention the fastest with all those contrasts and changes of the tones, both intriguing and innovative, while his guitar sound flows limitless.

The names of the tracks look confusing. The pattern looks like 1 Ghosts I, 23 Ghosts III, for all 36 songs tracks on all 4 CDs but as Trent Reznor's satirist and commentator Meathead noticed correctly, it would be kind of ridiculous to shout out during the show a request for playing f.e. "9 Ghosts II". But NIN isn't into fulfilling the requests so we can omit this issue now I guess.
Ghosts I-IV is a set of songs which demand a full concentration. Those songs may not touch ones while the others can sink into the alpha state of dreaming and sail along with the tunes far away. The musicians used a whole spectrum of instruments, having dulcimer and marimba (a kind of a xylophone used in f.e. traditional African music) amongst all. This mixture turns out really interesting, tho music magazines and stores will have a problem where to put new NIN CDs to. To me they sound more ambient then any time before.

The NIN fans consider how far Trent can go once being very aggressive, demolishing gears on the stage like in the 90s, then letting other people have an input in less and less aggressive music to lead to a mellow, almost pop music in the name of With Teeth made by a bald guy seemingly pumped out with steroids. And this guy doesn't care of what they say but walks firmly straight ahead along his path and releases his ideas indisputable.

The album will be officially released on April 8th in stores. I don't know how to review separated songs as it's way difficult to review blurred patches of sounds with often ambient or ballad background, cut with guitars, with a sound of exotic instruments and sometimes drum'n'bass rhythms too, but it's one of the best NIN albums amongst The Downward Spiral or The Fragile, undoubtedly linked to that one. Personally I do like compositions from Ghosts II and III but also tracks numbered as 3, 7, 12, 14, 18, 20 (very industrial), 21 (amazing Belew's riffs), 23, 31, 32, 33 i 35 (more industrial tunes in those, TDS-like stuff), 26 (the only one rock track on Ghosts) and 29 (for bass). However if anyone asks me which singular track I liked the most I won't give any answer as I won't remember any of those.

(Katarzyna 'NINa' Górnisiewicz, 03/30/2008. Must not be used for promotional or commercial purposes. See a Legal Note for the copyrights below)

NIN feat. Bauhaus - Where Darkness Doubles Where Light Pours In (Bootleg) |GBB Records, 2007| (promotional use)

01. Head like a Hole (trent/peter)(orig. nin),02. Sannity Assassin (trent/peter) (orig. bauhaus),03. Hurt (trent/peter) (orig. nin),04. Dreams (trent/peter/tvotr) (orig. tvotr),05. Final Solution (trent/peter/tvotr) (orig. pere ubu),06. Bela Lugosi's Dead (trent/peter/tvotr) (orig. bauhaus),07. Reptile (trent/peter/twiggy/atticus) (orig. nin),08. Warm Leatherette (trent/peter/twiggy/atticus) (orig. the normal),09. Strange Kind of Love (trent/peter/twiggy/atticus) (orig. peter murphy),10. Niteclubbing (trent/peter/twiggy/atticus) (orig. iggy pop),11. Dead Souls (peter/nin) (orig. joy division),12. Twenty Four Hours (peter/nin) (orig. joy division),13. Warsaw (peter/nin) (orig. joy division),14. Atmosphere (peter/nin) (orig. joy division), 15. The Day The Whole World Went Away (NIN acoustic), 16. Hurt (NIN acoustic)

I don't listen to the bootlegs because I prefer listening to the official releases but I made this exception for NIN. I had this feeling the bootleg may be an interesting one because features Peter Murphy, whose Bauhaus band Trent mentioned as his influence a few times in the interviews. Nine Inch Nails Feat. Bauhaus - Where Darkness Doubles, Where Light Pours In was released in 2006 r., contains 16 tracks - reinterpretations of songs original by NIN and Bauhaus but also Joy Division's and Iggy Pop's. There is also TV On The Radio featuring those shows, which happened during an American tour of NIN and Bauhaus in June 2006 (Washington DC, Boston, Chicago and Atlanta) but the CD includes their two other appearances on Chicago acoustic show (April 2007) as well.

I loved the way Murphy performed NIN songs with his gloomy voice. Songs like Head Like A Hole, Hurt or Reptile sound awesome in Murphy's reinterpretations. Reznor came out spectacular in Sanity Assassin singing along with Murphy, because the whole song originally by Bauhaus contains a factor of madness. Those two guys too I guess. I like when Reznor was singing Bela Lugosi's Dead and Warm Leatherette, a song recorded by The Normal but was covered by a few other artists in later years like Iggy Pop or Grace Jones. Similar to Night Clubbing. I've heard this song initially in an electronic 80's band Human League cover but the original belongs to Iggy Pop mentioned above. Both Reznor and Murphy state Pop had an impact on their music so I'm not surprised they decided to perform the track together.

Dead Souls it's NIN song but telling the truth it sounds way better when sang by Murphy, as if it was recorded by Bauhaus years ago. Reznor has been inspired not only by Bauhaus but Joy Division as well. Reinterpretations of Joy Division tracks like Warsaw and 24 Hours appear on the bootleg, but Murphy himself had this pleasure to be in Bauhaus before Ian Curtis of Joy Division committed a suicide.

Where Darkness Doubles... is a collector's CD, surely worth of having. Too me not only NIN fans should listen to it but also Bauhaus' passionates should pay attention to the CD.

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Year Zero |Interscope, 2007, {halo 24}|

1. Hyperpower!, 2. The Beginning of the End, 3. Survivalism, 4. The Good Soldier, 5. Vessel, 6. Me, I'm Not, 7. Capital G, 8. My Violent Heart, 9. The Warning, 10. God Given, 11. Meet Your Master, 12. The Greater Good, 13. The Great Destroyer, 14. Another Version of the Truth, 15. In This Twilight, 16. Zero-Sum

NIN has been standing for a piece of rock music history for over 18 years but I guess Mr Reznor might end up like Mr Big Mouth - Mick Jagger, famous, loved, admired, making music for fans, making big money on his fame and keeping high rated songs on most of hit charts but.... these days both of them make music which lacks of original solutions or greater emotions compared to previous efforts like, regarding NIN, The Downward Spiral, Broken or the debut CD Pretty Hate Machine.
Personally I wasn't waiting for Year Zero album that much. They sound like a totally new band to me and make some new music since the remixes for The Perfect Drug album were released. I didn't follow all that well produced promotional campaign. Even the album title sounded kind of suspicious to me and actually I thought it would be changed just right before the album release to make an additional background for NIN.

I do regret an absence of a genius composer Charlie Clouser. C'mon, the team including Reznor, Clouser and Lohner stood undeniably for the greatest success of Nine Inch Nails. Ever. Clouser makes the TV and cinema soundtracks these days, Lohner runs a very promising band Black Light Burns but Reznor? Seems Trent let touch his hermetic music by not that much creative (or dominated by Trent's ideas) musicians and the first results were audible when The Perfect Drug remix EP album was released equal 10 years ago.

There wasn't any long break between With Teeth (2005) and Year Zero latest albums. I do agree Year Zero is much better than With Teeth, sounds less messy but still sexless, shapeless and kind of soft to me. Sadly, Nine Inch Nails name has lost its well known meaning. Songs are schematic, washed out, normalized on this newest album. Music on Year Zero didn't 't convince me even after a few days of listening to the tracks. Seriously, I got bored after a day.

However, there was a moment I felt animated and it was caused by a really great guitar solo in the end of The Great Soldier song. Another interesting part of the album is Capital-G song, the first one in NIN history, when Trent decided to rap although it came out not that much professional but definitely deserves an award for a courage. It's not the first attempt getting into rap music because in 1998 Reznor made an awesome, dark and emotional remix for Puff Daddy featured on his Victory CD single.

The 'heaviest' song on Year Zero is called Meet Your Maker but it's like if you found a rock track amongst almost pop songs (except an instrumental Another Version of the Truth) and that's why I put the adjective in quotation marks.

This album lack songs to admire and remember throughout many years. It's not a bad album but listening to it didn't give me any kind of emotions except those caused by the guitar solo mentioned above. Sometimes rough demos and debut albums sound much better than albums released after 18 years of a band's existence on a music scene, don't they?

Tho there is a nice gag coming with Year Zero CD. I guess it's the first time a band used such a gadget but of course don't take my words for granted. The CD is covered with a heat sensitive paint so when you put a completely black CD into your CD player and let it spin it for over an hour, the black surface turns into white, uncovering a website address and other promotional informations bound with that a bit "criminal" and alarming marketing campaign surrounding Year Zero release.

I'm sure NIN will win new fans, and a part of the older fans will like this album as well, probably of the fact that NIN has been still active and has tried to make another step in rock music history. NIN fan rised on The Fragile album will swallow Year Zero with one spoon, but fans educated on Broken or The Downward Spiral may choke with only one spoon.

(Katarzyna 'NINa' Górnisiewicz. Must not be used for promotional or commercial purposes. See a Legal Note for the copyrights below)

And All That Could Have Been (Live) |Nothing/Interscope, 2002, {halo 17} |

Terrible Lie, Sin, March of the Pigs, Piggy, The Frail, The Wretched, Gave Up, The Great Below, The Mark Has Been Made, Wish, Suck, Closer, Head Like a Hole, The Day The World Went Away, Starfuckers Inc, Hurt

There were a lot of unofficial NIN live bootlegs. Now we got an official one with the recording of the American NIN tour called Fragility Tour 2.0. It can be taken as The Best of NIN but on the whole it's better that it is a live collection. There are a variety of songs but of course most come from The Fragile album released in 2000. A note for the news searchers - there are no new tracks at all. Either way there is March of The Pigs, a way cool version connecting a single All the Pigs, All Linned Up with the original full lenght album March of The Pigs song released on The Downward Spiral.

Suck song is remixed with the version placed on Fixed album. I liked a new arrangement of The Day The World Went Away the most, especially the second half. New sounds remind me a bit Rain Tree Crow band music with groovy guitars and sorta improvisation included. Same with The Mark Has Been Made song which sounds very psychodelic. 'Closer' spoilt totally. I know Reznor can feel sick singing "I wanna fuck you like an animal" over and over again but it's the most known NIN song so why the band didn't try to perform it better? Same with Starfuckers - guitars were densed, maybe it has to make the dynamics more powerful but the result doesn't impress at all.

This record can be bought for two reasons - re-arrangements of the songs and listeners applause when Reznor shouts to them: "Hey fucking pigs" or "Fuck you".

(Katarzyna 'NINa' Górnisiewicz. Must not be used for promotional or commercial purposes. See a Legal Note for the copyrights below)

With Teeth |Nothing/Interscope, 2005, {halo 19}|

All The Love In The World, You Know What You Are?, Collector, Hand That Feeds, Love Is Not Enough, Every Day Is Exactly The Same, With Teeth, Only, Getting Smaller, Sunspots, Line Begins To Blur, Beside You In Time, Right Where It Belongs

{flip flop} Some time ago the journalists were comparing other bands music to NIN in their record reviews if such songs contained similar or typical for NIN sampling. It is not possible to make such a comparison in this case. There is nothing typical, nothing intriguing, nothing what can show Reznor's talent and good arrangements.
{flip flop} I can't say I was looking forward for the newest album impatiently. After the last few NIN records I had a feeling that the next one could disappoint me much. I had an impression that there might be only 1 or 3 way cool songs and that's all what I expected. The Fragile album gave me a reason for thinking there will be no loved so much NIN sounds any more. Unfortunately the apprehension has turned out to be real.

{flip flop} I got to know the first samples of forthcoming album in March 2005. I found 4 pirated versions on the internet a bit later. I listened to all the songs in April. And I asked myself the same question every time when I was listening to the songs: who is the record made for??? The female-like Placebo fans? I'm not trying to fully describe the songs on With Teeth at all. It's a waste of time. Instead I will (forcing myself to) make some notes about particular songs.

First song contains gospel vibe. The second has some kind of aggression but very controlled and calculated artificially. The third track is a way closer to The Fragile sound - rock. I'm sick of The Hand That Feeds, it's everywhere but sounds a way cool. Love is Not Enough sounds like non-NIN song at all. Every Day Is... fits to Pretty Hate Machine and I have no idea why it reminds me 1000 Homo DJs' 'Apathy'... Why does Trent complain if he made such a cheerful album huh? The seventh is well known a-witha-teeth-a and everyone knows what's going on. As for 'Only' song.. geeez! it's incredible! Reznor should put the pedal to the metal and go for recording every of 13 pieces in the Only vibe! It could be a very dancable record and Trent could finish with NIN once for all at last. The ninth song is {flip flop, flip fop} Getting Smaller (and even younger haha), and Sunspots sounds neat, funky, groovy I liked that the most. Line Begins To Blur is like a predictable title for the rest of NIN ventures. Besides You In Time has to be something sorta TDS album-like but no revelations. The last song made me cry of its sadness and the fact the whole record is so bad. Well.... It's high time I played some other music like Broken or Growing Up remix for Peter Gabriel and say goodbye to the new NIN...

PS. The Japanese release contains 3 additional songs: Home, Right Where It Belongs V.2 and The Hand That Feeds (Ruff Mix).

(Katarzyna 'NINa' Górnisiewicz. Must not be used for promotional or commercial purposes. See a Legal Note for the copyrights below)
( Katarzyna NINa Górnisiewicz. Must not be used for promotional or commercial purposes. See a Legal Note for the copyrights below)? (oh rather FLIPFLOPPa :P)

Broken |TVT/ Intersocope Rec., 1992, {halo 5}|

Pinion, Wish, Last, Help me I'm in hell, Happiness in slavery, Gave up, Physical, Suck

It's the best NIN record. Full of raw aggression, hatred, no remorses. Produced by Trent Reznor & Flood. Assisted by Sean Beaven and Chris Vrenna (nowadays known as Tweaker) amongst all. The CD shows 99 songs. Well known trick when we get several empty tracks and a surprise in the end which is Suck, a cover version of the song by Adam Ant (do you remember him of Bootsy Cat song from the 80's?). A huge amount of guitar driven anger mingled with excellent samples gave this record my biggest attention. It's a turning point for NIN to go forward with that style of music and achieve its success later with The Downward Spiral record. It's also the album which I compare every next NIN album to. What a pity this is only an EP and the music finishes too fast! ( Katarzyna NINa Górnisiewicz. Must not be used for promotional or commercial purposes. See a Legal Note for the copyrights below)

Fixed |Nothing/Interscope, 1992, {halo 6}|

Gave Up, Wish, Happiness Is Slavery, Throw This Away, Fist Fuck, Screaming Slave

The kicking ass remixes for Broken album music. A masterpiece showing how to remix aggressive, guitar driven songs. Made by Coil, J.G 'Foetus' Thirwell, Butch Vig and well known NIN members. Incredible radical Wish (by Foetus) and Throw This Away (Reznor, Vrenna, Vig), Happiness In Slavery (Reznor, Vrenna, P.K.). Don't throw this CD away! ;) ( Katarzyna NINa Górnisiewicz. Must not be used for promotional or commercial purposes. See a Legal Note for the copyrights below)

The Downward Spiral |Interscope Rec., 1994, {halo 8}|

Mr. Self Destruct, Piggy, Heresy, March Of The Pigs, Closer, Ruiner, The Becoming, I Do Not Want This, Big Man With A Gun, A Warm Place, Eraser, Reptile, The Downward Spiral, Hurt

Reznor seems to be half philosophical and half in a despair here. Controlled anger. Lots of dark instrumental soundscapes (the title song, also The Becoming). There is also Closer song, played commonly at most of underground music parties all around the world. TDS gained lots of good comments from the world of media and it gave a variety of new fans to NIN fanbase. 1994 was a good year for industrial rock music and as for TDS it's a typical product of the highest value showing what industrial rock genre is indeed. It's also another NIN album giving an influence for not only industrial rock bands. ( Katarzyna NINa Górnisiewicz. Must not be used for promotional or commercial purposes. See a Legal Note for the copyrights below)

March Of The Pigs |TVT/Interscope, 1994, {halo 7}|

March of the Pigs, Reptilian, All the Pigs All Lined Up, A Violet Fluid, Underneath the Skin

There are two or three versions of that single, the second lacks A Violet Fluid and Underneath the Skin songs. It's a very good single, it sucks A Violent Fluid is so short! Should be enlarged and remixed in the future by Reznor. All the Pigs it's a remix for March of The Pigs in a longer and even more exciting version to the original song. ( Katarzyna NINa Górnisiewicz. Must not be used for promotional or commercial purposes. See a Legal Note for the copyrights below)

Closer |TVT/Interscope, 1994, {halo 9}|

CLOSER TO GOD: Closer To God, Heresy (Blind), Memorabilia, March of the Fuckheads

FURTHER AWAY: Closer, Closer (Deviation), Closer (Further Away), Closer (Precursor), Closer (Internal)

It's a double CD digipack with Closer To God and Further Away singles. The remixes are made by Danny Hyde i Peter Christopherson from Coil, Dave Ogilvie from Skinny Puppy, Flood and others. Memorabilia it's a cover version of Soft Cell song. There is the most kicking ass ever heard remix for Closer song named 'Closer To God'. ( Katarzyna NINa Górnisiewicz. Must not be used for promotional or commercial purposes. See a Legal Note for the copyrights below)

Further Down The Spiral |TVT /Interscope, 1995, {halo 10}|

Piggy (nothing can stop me now), The Art of Self Destruction (part one), Self Destruction (part three), Heresy (version), The Downward Spiral (the bottom), Hurt (live), At The Heart of It All, Ruiner (version), Eraser (denial; realization), Self Destruction (final)

Remixes for The Downward Spiral. Mr Reznor knows how to earn money ;) Releasing two records - an original and the remixes with a short time gap between gives him usually some additional money for sure. He knows also how to rise his fans imagination by leaving them alone for a few years and putting out then a record which is a way cool better then the previous one. Awesome versions for Heresy, The Downward Spiral, Ruiner and Eraser. ( Katarzyna NINa Górnisiewicz. Must not be used for promotional or commercial purposes. See a Legal Note for the copyrights below)

Pretty Hate Machine |TVT/Interscope, 1989, {halo 2}|

Head Like a Hole, Terrible Lie, Down It All, Sanctified, Something I Can Never Have, Kinda I Want To, Sin, That's What I Get, The Only Time, Ringfinger

The debut NIN album is a cult record now and it stands like a strong influence for most of industrial rock bands. Reznor made a passage for industrial
rock to enter the popular media like TV or a radio broadcast and created himself like a non stop suffering person. Suffering of his own spirit. It was a pattern and a turning point for a huge amount of young people to find their fears and expression in NIN music. Those who admire cold, electronic sounds with a simple bassline and the atmosphere of disbelief and despair will love this record and such songs like Sin, Head Like A Hole, Down It All, Something I Can Never Have or Sanctified. Ringfinger might be omitted ;) ( Katarzyna NINa Górnisiewicz. Must not be used for promotional or commercial purposes. See a Legal Note for the copyrights below)

Heal Like A Hole |TVT Rec., 1990, {halo 3}|

Head Like A Hole (slate), Head Like A Hole (clay), Terrible Lie (sympathetic mix), Head Like A Hole (copper), You Know Who You Are, Head Like A Hole (soil), Terrible Lie (empathetic mix), Down In It (demo), Down In It (shred), Down In It (singe)

One of three singles for Pretty Hate Machine album. Variations about Head Like A Hole, Terrible Lie and Down in It. On the whole such a turning upside down doesn't convince me at all. ( Katarzyna NINa Górnisiewicz. Must not be used for promotional or commercial purposes. See a Legal Note for the copyrights below)

Sin|TVT Rec., 1990, {halo 4}|

Sin (short), Sin (long), Get Down Make Love, Sin (dub)

Early NIN single same as Head Like a Hole doesn't impress because of the humdrum remixes. There is a cover version of Queen's "Get Down Make Love" song as an add-on. The front artwork font is available to download in the internet and named singothic.ttf. ( Katarzyna NINa Górnisiewicz. Must not be used for promotional or commercial purposes. See a Legal Note for the copyrights below)

Down In It |TVT, 1989, {halo 1}|

Down in It (skin), Down in It (shred), Down in It (singe)

If you liked that song on Pretty Hate Machine then you have three different remixes of that song here. Personally I'm tired of listening over and over again to "I was above it, now I'm down in it". There is that cool NIN logo in the booklet, but be careful with wet fingers, you can make fingerprints easily because of the paper type. ;) ( Katarzyna NINa Górnisiewicz. Must not be used for promotional or commercial purposes. See a Legal Note for the copyrights below)
We're In This Together | Nothing; Interscope, 1999, {halo 15}|

We're in this Together, 10 Miles High, The New Flesh

A single for The Fragile. A way cool 10 Miles High.( Katarzyna NINa Górnisiewicz. Must not be used for promotional or commercial purposes. See a Legal Note for the copyrights below)

Still |Nothing/Interscope, 2002, {halo 17}|

Something I Can Never Have, Adrift and at Peace, The Fragile, The Becoming, Gone, Still, The Day The World Went Away, And All That Could Have Been, The Persistence of Loss, Leaving Hope

There are the acoustic versions of The Fragile songs plus one from Pretty Hate Machine ('Something I Can Never Have') and one from The Downward Spiral ('The Becoming') album. Nine beautiful compositions where 'And All That Could Have Been', 'Leaving Hope', 'Gone, Still' knock out forever. Was it possible for Trent to record an ambitious album? Yes, it was. ( Katarzyna NINa Górnisiewicz. Must not be used for promotional or commercial purposes. See a Legal Note for the copyrights below)

Survivalism |Island, 2007, {halo 23}|

1. Survivalism, 2. Survivalism_Tardusted, 3. The Greater Good (Instrumental), 4. Survivalism (Video)

It's an interesting single promoting Year Zero album thanx to the music which is not dance and allows to wipe off a bad taste I had after recent Rezor's freaks of nature regarding f.e. "Only" song released on With Teeth record. There are 2 versions of Survivalism tracks on the single supported by a promotional video and an instrumental version of The Greater Good song. All of the songs are kind of cold and progressive but still lack passion and emotions. I find them sexless, showing only the band's ability of using software and technology of which NIN's studio is armed to the teeth. ( Katarzyna NINa Górnisiewicz. Must not be used for promotional or commercial purposes. See a Legal Note for the copyrights below)

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