SiNDADDY - interview (2006)
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2006-08-11 | Katarzyna NINa Górnisiewicz and Brian Backlash | e-mail interview
Brian Backlash: Your music is some of the most aggressive and heavy in the industrial realm, at a time when futurepop bands like VNV Nation reign and dominate the scene at large. Are you also a fan of aggressive industrial, or is it just a form that works well for you in terms of creative output?
SiNDADDY: I am not much into the whole 'futurepop' thing. I am a rocker at heart and spend most of my time listening to old Motorhead or old Misfits with a good side diet of psychobilly bands such as Zombilly, Banane Metalik and Nekromantix. I mainly stumbled upon using electronics as a means to record autocratically. I started SiNDADDY in 1998 as an "industrial" type thing because I thought I definitely had something to bring to the genre that wasn't a dance beat with the same old synth sounds and the same distorted voice whining about whatever... I wanted to bring a rock feel while using hard electronic sounds, samples, guitars, bass, drums and some good screaming vocals delivering some verse/chorous four time stompers that are more focused on making you move instead of "being weird". Nothing like watching the kids go balllistic to a 250 BPM song, right?

Brian: Do you make an effort to expound on specific themes in your music, or do you just let it happen how it happens?
Earlier, it was focused around sleaze and grime and misogyny, but the new record (intelligenCIA) has it all- politics, car wrecks, date rape, metaphysics, fear-tactics, a booty shaking party song, secret societies, stalkers- it is quite a ball of wax, and it rocks through and through.

NINa: Your newest remix is called Panties (Drukore'sInaBunchRemix), and is a way cool song. Who might you consider to remix your songs in the future?
Dru from Outerkore is a great guy and a talented ear. Look out for him in the future. As far as remixes, I have been sending vocals only tracks to friends, idols, and peers alike and will be putting out "hyperDISCOrdia" (the remixes of intelligenCIA). It will be the same 13 songs, the same order- but tweaked out by people that I dig on.

Brian: You've been part of the whole rock and roll game for quite a while. What's been the most difficult aspect of working as an independent artist? Conversely, what's been the biggest reward?
The difficult part. Let's see. Oh yeah. I'M NOT RICH. Hahhahahaaa. Mainly, it is hard getting things done that would be easily done if I was on a medium to large sized label. It is hard to keep yourself exposed and out there, although I do put forth maximum effort at all times to be involved in the scene by helping other bands, helping venues, and keeping a constant presence with a steady flow of new material, shows and events. The most rewarding thing about being independent is owning own publishing rights, AND having the freedom to do anything at any time. If I feel like joining forces with an entity or tossing a track into a movie soundtrack, that is all under my control and I am not being shut out of getting my work out there due to label constraints and some fat schmuck who knows not the first thing about making a song telling me what to do about my records.

Brian: When you're writing new material, do you pen the lyrics first or do you go straight for the music, or both?

The last record I spent 14 months up in Seattle working on. I spent about a year programming. A month on guitars and real instruments. Then over the last few weeks, I would write and record the lyrics/vocals in the middle of the night, after bars, in drunken blackouts. I think that is why it comes across so simplistic and sloganized. I was common from my common mind blitzed on the American soma: ALCOHOL. It is amazing to wake up in the studio after a bender and look over to the control to see that you were in the middle of work last night- it's like "Yes! I finished a song last night." I would listen and be "Where the fuck do i get this shit?" but they always come out with a good pop bend and memorable phrases. So that is the method there. I don't drink much else but beer in my off time though. Lone Star Beer. Form right here in Texas.

NINa: You play with symbols and words, in an attempt to make people think deeper. If you ever broke up Sindaddy, what desirable image of the project would you like to leave people remembering?


NINa: Seeing your pictures, seems like you are a guy living a real rocker's life - 100% tough guy with a bottle of alcohol, a cigarette and a cowboy hat. No chicks tho?

I love the women and the women love me, but I seem to find myself usually in a relationship, and when you are doing that and trying to have a job that keeps you in the public eye, your girlfriends tend to try and stay behind the scenes, because things CAN get annoying sometime. I am single right now, but I do have a few nice girls keeping me occupied.

Brian: I've noticed over the years a lot of industrial metal bands have come out of Texas, including Nocturne and Rivethead. What is it about Texas that's supportive and influencing to so many bands there?

Actually I am not quite sure IF Texas is supportive or influencing. It is a great place, I love it and hate it at the same time, but I don't see many bands actually playing shows and DOIN IT here. You have to do more than toss up a website and paste a few loops together to do this whole thing, don't you? Nocturne broke up - sucks, because I enjoy their music (and Lacey is hot), and I enjoy those Rivethead guys you showed me a few months back. I have a Houston based band called Supavillain play at a lot of our shows and they REALLY kick some butt. Fun guys, and they have nice facial hair.

NINa: Myspace is a radical website that a lot of people and bands have turned to to promote their work. It's not the greatest site ever, but has it garnered positive results for your band?

Myspace is a great networking tool. Hands down. Once you get past the kids showing their asses and cleavage and the horrible emo haircuts, it is actually quite a novelty and can help you get heads in the door at your shows as well as move a couple extra cds and t-shirts. Rock and roll to the kids that made it. I am sure they are loving their rewards just fine. I just got on /link inactive/. Go xpose yourself!

Brian: Your newest disc is IntellengCIA, your second full length album, and you've done a round of recent shows to support it. Any possibility you might land an opening spot on a national tour? You seem to have a good repoire with a lot of different bands.

There are SO many bands I would like to tour with, and we have also been approached about a few different situations, but we will just see where it all falls this year. I am busy programming the video sequences for our "GOD-TV" backdrop, and we will be bringing along a couple rockabilly go-go dancers (a la Suicide Girls). I am excited to go out again and if we don't land on the right thing, I think we will just grab some funding and put together a monolithic fest with medium sized bands like us who are all dying to get out there, where the tour would pick up bands and drop them off regionally and what not, or fuck it, maybe just a fuckoad of electronic rock bands staying on for the whole thing and tearing shit up. Should I get on that right now? ;]

NINa: You had gigs with German singer Nina Hagen and the band Prong, whose frontman sings along with Al Jourgensen on the newest Ministry album called Rio Grande Blood. Any further plans of joining the famous and controversial?

You just wait and see.

NINa: Could America do without Texas? Are Bushisms related to any Texanism?

But.... Texas is the place!

Brian: You're clearly a liberal person living in a not so liberal state. Do you get treated differently on a day to day basis by others because of your political leanings?

Well, a lot of people who know me and encounter me daily can draw the line between SiNDADDY and who I am as a person so they know a lot of it is this THING I do for a living. Now, upon meeting people at shows and so on, yeah I get a few remarks. I also get a lot of people who think I am going to be this big giant asshole. It is pretty wild seeing them get relaxed: "Oh my god! You are so cool and nice and laid back! I thought you were going to be a dick."

Brian: What can we expect to hear and see from Sindaddy in the future?

So much is on the table right now, I am working on material for the upcoming "THEKINGSTAR" EP (which we will be recording in EL Paso), writing songs for my Texas all star lineup band The BonesawS, I am going to be producing the next Zombilly record, I just started talking with Jared (Chemlab) about a possible next Aliens record, and will be working with some of my IDM favorites on a new solo project called MOTO-REX. So that pretty much has me busy for the next year or so, along with me tinkering with film and video prodution it is safe to say that there will be a lot of SiNDADDY on the horizon for the steak-starved. I am off to listen to the new Otto Von Schirach now. That dude is the shit. Thanks for having me.


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