Scanalyzer [reviews]
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On The One And The Zero |Positron! Records, 2005|

1. Moretech, 2. Zwischenspiel Eine, 3. Scan7, 4. Hifishit, 5. Monotreme, 6. Zwischenspiel Zwei, 7. Herstius, 8. Zwischenspiel Drei, 9. One Seventy Five, 10. Screamer, 11. Additionally All That Work, 12. Neutron Dub, 13. Modsinth, 14. Zwischenspiel Vier, 15. Screenblitter

Scanalyzer is a Chicago based project of Chris Randall known from Sister Machine Gun or Micronaut and Wade Alin, a member of Christ Analogue. After auditioning you can expect a lot of click & cuts, glitch and a huge amount of electronic vibe. There are also drum'n'bass influences but the whole thing is about making a balanced noise to find its roots and bring to compositions accompanied by a variety of samples. Experimental electronic music has had its fans since the early 20's and it forms different shapes every decade. This time we got Scanalyzer.
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