Bullets in a Burning Box [reviews]
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An Exit |Og Doggid Company, 2008|

1. Abaddon Threads (Low Distortion Unit), 2. Acetylene In Matryoska (Burn), 3. Acannabium Unfold (Blossom), 4. Absinthium Flow Ring (Become Human), 5. Abaddon Threads (Unrestrained), 6. Abaddon Threads (Brokin Sticks)

"An Exit" This is an album accompanying the "Afear" - a debut album of Nat Weiss’ interesting project. There are 2 guests remixers on this 6 track EP - Low Distortion Unit, who is a French band that has been active since 2001, and Brokin Sticks, a Hip-Hop duo from Oregon whom Nat had already cooperated with in the past.

Low Distortion Unit dealt with the deconstruction of "Abaddon Threads" and stretched a dark and distorted shadow over the track, while Brokin Sticks infused their "Hip-Hop soul making" into a tasty minimal version similar to Limp Bizkit tracks.
Other songs are manipulated by Nat, who satisfies his whims adding drum'n'bass sounds, enhancing even further the sophisticated sound of the drums.

If you appreciate this debut album you will find these revised versions pleasant. (Marco Gariboldi)

Born |2008, Og Doggid Company|

1. Nine Ninths Jealous, Video. Nine Ninths Jealous

Born sanctions the beginning of an ambitious and interesting idea: a year-long month-after-month song/video project. In addition, the song/video form and essence change without warning through-out the year.

Nat’s music needs the right atmosphere and you have to be in the right frame of mind to fully appreciated it but what they offer to the listener and viewer in return is a primordial experience, a fusion with the nature, with our roots and spirits. There’s no politics in the video neither there are classic clichés used by many other industrial bands; there's no Bush and there are no war topics. Other than that it's all about nature, our instincts and our senses.
The song Nine Ninths Jealous is composed with the articulated drum sound design and jazz/rock guitars. It shows a sound development over the debut. (Marco Gariboldi)

Because |2007, Og Doggid|

1. Of Life, I Want To Live, Video. Of Life, I Want To Live

The second episode includes Of Life, I Want To Live’s video and audio files. This fascinating video clip collects images of Lawson Peak, offering great emotions thanks to beautiful landscapes. They were accented with the sound of the song recalling me in some ways Larry LaLonde's works, the Primus guitar player thanks to a powerful guitar solo that seems to come out from “Tales From The Punchbowl”.

Nat is a modern hippy, a wild and free spirit, a citizen of the world struggling with an inner journey. We have to trust him and let him guide us. (Marco Gariboldi)

Afear |2007, Og Doggid|

01. Aabalsamifera Flaw, 02. Aarons Rod, 03. Abaddon Threads [Lyrics], 04. Absinthium Flow Ring, 05. Acannabinum Unfold, 06. Accession Budding, 07. Acetylene in Matryoshka, 08. Aelimifera Stacking, 09. Aepypterus Red H, 10. Aleatory Ode, 11. Alyrata Let Go, 12. Anomie Deeper Now, 13. Aphasia Leaf, 14. Apostasy Maestro, 15. Axiom Oblivion, 16. Ayrie Inside Out

Is that about a fear of the beginning or just a play with a dictionary? No matter how you want to analyze the idea of naming the album along with the songs they bring a variety of cool vibes. So I'd better focus on music now.

Once upon a time there was a band called HaloBlack ran by Bryan Black and one of their first releases was Funky Hell (1996). The sound of Afear reminds me Funky Hell a little bit mostly thanks to the simple arrangements based on a bassline, bass strings touched like if in a unison to a metronome oscillation with whispered-recited vocals ran through a distortion filter (Aabalsamifera Flaw). The difference is about an atmosphere which grows up on Afear and the originally simple track of every instrument become complicated to split in a moment and find its own way cleaned up once again. Regarding the other songs the idea is similar as above, however there are themes made as if for computer games kind of Diablo sometime and a guitar chaos known from a few Nine Inch Nails' songs.

This fight amongst the vocals, guitars, bass and beats create an original and well composed mixture. Nathanael Matthias Weiss sings (or rather recites) the lyrics in a intentionally infantile way giving the songs a bit psychotic vibe. There is a bit of drum'n'bass beat as well as some similarities to the sound of NIN and the 90s grunge or hard rock bands. A variety of original arrangements along with experimental mixes between samples, real guitars and bass appear in f.e. Aepypterus Red H, Aleatory Ode or Apostasy Maestro.

Alyrata Let Go sounds like a continuation from Aabalsamifera Flaw thanks to very characteristic and monotone bassline. The chaos seems to be spread wider in this song with other guitar riffs, then the track ends up suddenly and turns into Anomie Deeper Now to continue with a faster rhythm and different samples in the background.

It's sure Nathanael has listened to a variety of music styles. It feels like he really wants to go over them to create something unique. I didn't feel happy after listening to the songs because they touch some other mind spots and bring other impressions, kind of schizophrenic aspects but there's a genius in schizophrenia sometimes. The songs have a broken rhythm so I don’t recommend to listen to that while driving a car. It's not a danceable music either.

You'd better get it and listen to judge yourself. There are 16 songs on the album so I'm sure everyone finds his own the best. The album is accessible for a free download as well as a paid option is also available (pay what you want). ( Katarzyna NINa Górnisiewicz. Must not be used for promotional or commercial purposes. See a Legal Note for the copyrights below).

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