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Halo In Reverse |Halo In Reverse, 2008|

1. Somethings Gone Terribly Wrong, 2. Pop Icon Puppets, 3. Modesty's Failure, 4. Go All The Way, 5. Falling Apart, 6. Sweetest Honey, 7. Something This Real, 8. They've Taken Me Away, 9. I Machine, 10. Where Were You, 11. Whittled To An Edge, 12. You, 13. Acubens

Halo in Reverse it's an American band active since 1995 r., known to those of you who have been hunting for other bands influenced by Nine Inch Nails and their earlier, more aggressive music made between 1989-1995. It's difficult to avoid musical comparisons to NIN. Other than that, a term 'inspiration' may mean much more than following blindly the direction brought by Reznor. In case of HIR it's about improving the ideas with his own involvement, technology use and knowledge of other music styles as well.
Joshua Steffen who's the founder and the only one band member has had lots of great ideas of how to enrich this well known sound and knows the ways to let the ideas come into fruition. I can confirm he put lots of hard work to add both honey and a claws into the songs knowing their previous versions.

The best example for a change to the original is a track Falling Apart, beefed up with the new samples. The same thing about Whittled To An Edge - it's the best song on the album to me with juicy guitar riffs and aggressive tunes. Great guitar solo appeared in You. Modesty's Failure was generally rebuilt and filled with a new vibe. They've Taken Me Away alike.

There's a hit for a dancefloor as well and it's called Go All The Way, however the whole album could be played at a bigger event but maybe except a kind of experimental-ambient track Acubens finishing the album. The CD is worth of having so don’t hesitate to make an order online.

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