Prime Sinister [reviews]
Updated by Draconina on 03/29/2008 03:54
United in Violence |Sins Records, 2008|

I. Last Dance, II. Death Will Pay, III. Bum's Fight, IV. Eat The Flesh, V. Don't, VI. So Close, VII. Son of a B*tch, VIII. The Den of Demise, IX. The Riot Bursts, X. Doom or be Doomed, XI. In Guns We Trust, XII. Buried Alive

Seems like the industrial metal scene has been rooted well in France for the last few years. Prime Sinister belongs to the genre and the newest release speaks for them in all but positive opinions. The album is the best example how to enrich the genre with new vibes. Prime Sinister's input to the style is based mostly on guitar solo riffs and a great cooperation of bass-drums section, sometimes in the background and the other time at the first set, similar to a way Strapping Young Lad, Course of Empire or Misery Loves Co. made it on their albums. The band doesn't cut off of using samples and sampled movies dialogues (fortunately very seldom used), but the vocals remind me a style of Marco Neves' singing [from a cult industrial metal band from France as well - Treponem Pal], what is a good feature tho.

It's a natural thing to me this kind of an album should be reviewed in Fabryka so thus I do recommend to get the CD as soon as possible, pay attention to Bum's Fight, The Riot Bursts or Buried Alive and support the band.

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