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Second War |Triptaka, 2007|

1. Suspended, 2. Lost & Leading, 3. Second War, 4. Tamed, 5. Mother, 6. Slowburn, 7. The Source, 8. Falling Down, 9. Don't You Think It's Time You Let Go?

Based in Seattle, the band has gathered an interest of many listeners and released their debut album in 2007. The CD has 9 songs, which I believe was the best choice of them. Tracks remind me music by those new European bands like Mephistosystem, Fanoe, [f.e.v.e.r.] as well as some vibes known from 'The Fragile' by NIN and on the other hand - Tool which the band was inspired by. Quoting Triptaka's bio: "Tired of the lack of innovation and creativity in todays rock scene, the members of Triptaka formed the band in order to create music they wanted to hear." That's sheer true as they put lots of creativeness and good ideas in solidly made tracks.
They have been influenced by some well known and respected bands but they didn't become copycats.

The songs are full of energy, guitar driven, kind of industrial rock but also progressive rock (I guess influenced by bands like IQ, Asia, Pendragon, try 'Mother' track). Listen to 'The Source' so it'll tell you how 'Just Like You Imagined' by NIN influenced that track, or 'Don't You Think It's Time You Let Go' and 'Lost & Leading' to feel the same band inspiration. Check out 'Slowburn' or 'Tamed', to get a vibe of Tool's tracks. 'Second War' sound rebellious as well as 'Suspended'. Of course those examples given above are just comparisons to let you know what you're buying, but Triptaka worked out their own sound and I'm happy especially as for the vocals by Graeme Cornies.

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