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Absolute Zero |MoMT, 2008|

1. Absolute Zero, 2. Presence, 3. Black Index, 4. Desperation, 5. Sea of Sorrow (Alice in Chains Cover), 6. Absolute Zero (0.0 Remix by Cyanotic), 7. Desperation (Remix by Deadliner), 8. Absolute Zero (Old School Mix) 9. Absence

Bonus download EP called "Eckstrahschitt":
1. Black Snake Voodoo (Tape Hiss by UCNX) (Unreleased Remix for Chemlab), 2. Absolute Zero (Old School V2.0), 3. Black Index (Demon Behind the Smile Mix), 4. Vynil (Live Jam 06.14.04)

This is an Electro-IDM project of Doug Sudia and John Monette with their debut album Absolute Zero which includes both original songs and versions remixed by Deadliner and Cyanotic. The whole album cannot be considered as an industrial rock one, but remixes made by bands mentioned above are good examples of how industrial rock bands can make them sound edgy. There are mostly songs aimed to dance floors because of rhythmic, pumping beats (Sea of Sorrow, Absolute Zero, Black Index) but also ambient tracks (Absence and Presence). Sea of Sorrow is a cover for Alice in Chains track and the performance reminds me a lot Chemlab's way of making things mechanical and noisy. I loved remixes by Cyanotic, with tight guitar riffs and pulsing rhythm, and that one by Deadliner, who has shown his best so far on a few remix compilations to mention his works for Chemlab, Acumen Nation or Cyanotic, everytime leaving a masteriece there. UCNX seems to have some bright future if follows the door already opened and I hope to hear more cool stuff from them soon.

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