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Dirty Bomb |KMFDM Records, 2006|

1. Ever After, 2. 6 ft Below, 3. Katatonic, 4. Best of Everything, 5. Back to Life, 6. Good Things, 7. Made 4 Luv, 8. Misery, 9. Barely Cold, 10. Back to the Front (Feel Love)

Sascha Konietzko and Lucia Cifarelli of KMFDM but also Dean Garcia of Curve, in a band formed in 2006 made a very interesting album which I like much more than any of KMFDM. Lucia has a very cool recognizable, tempting and predatory voice, she can scream a lot too! This album is basically based on an international cooperation between USA, Germany and United Kingdom, moreover it's said they were recording and sending files across the Ocean what I believe happens more often thanks to a fast Internet bandwidth. Anyways, it's well arranged and well composed sexy music with both electronic and guitar driven content in which every of sides involved put their talent and efforts. So thus Made 4 Luv sounds more like Curve tunes, 6 Ft. Below like KMFDM and Best of Everything like all of them together.

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