V/A Dead Stars Rising [reviews]
Updated by Draconina on 11/04/2007 14:49
Dead Stars Rising V/A |ToxicShockRecords, 2007|

1. Culture of Greed - Fire Sermon, 2. Temptating Fate - Rotten, 3. Reverend Lust Vegas - Religion, 4. Xerotime - Future's End, 5. Filthraction - After Dark, 6. Cogsucker - Fuck That Noise, 7. History of Violence - Game of Reality, 8. Mediawhore - Dead Man's Disco, 9. Dream of Fire - One By One, 10. One Lucid Dream - Time To Take Back The World, 11. Subliminal - Withered Uselless (dotage mix v2), 12. Methodical - Suicide Hole, 13. Nu Pro Sta Kaif - Demons of Anarchy, 14. Vicious Alliance - Surrender Your Mind, 15. Team Cybergeist - Right Here

It's an interesting compilation containing tracks industrial rock or electronic rock orientated, but you can find also industrial metal, EBM or gothic vibes on the CD as well.
I've listened to the CD 3 times and I've had my favourite artists so far: One Lucid Dreams (similarities to The Young Gods, Underworld and goa music) in a trance songs called 'Time To Take Back The World'. Next, very aggressive Methodical in 'Suicidal Hole', Nu Pro Sta Kaif with 'Demons of Anarchy' track (reminds me this angry dynamics know from Bile and N17 music). Filthtraction sounds great in 'After Dark' (something for White Zombie's fans) and I liked also History of Violence in 'Game of Reality'.

Mediawhore with the song 'Dead Man's Disco' presents an old Chicago industrial rock vibe associated to WaxTrax! record label with a big amount of electronics and contrast samples supported by a balanced rhythm and this is also an interesting band on the compilation.
So they were the bands I paid attention to for the most part. The others didn't draw my attention too much as they lack of something remarkable in their songs but I belive they may work it out in the near future.

Xerotime will be loved by partying freaks because of it's dynamical track and tight beat. 'Fuck That Noise' by Cogsucker has 'that something' what attracts - Collide presents similar music with a female vocalist too but the difference is Collide made me sure about their music charm.
Team Cybergist is Angel from Dope remixing chosen tracks of Pig, Genitortures, In Winter, Pigface or Human Factors Lab. I like the track except the drums, too empty, pushy and made me irritated. Other than that - very good and juicy guitar riffs, on the right places. Reminds me a bit of KMFDM ventures.

This compilation is a good thing for a party or if you look for bands for your podcasts, radio stations, magazine reviews, and other stuff for promotion. It's a professionally released CD with a barcode. Many thanx to ToxicShockRecords for the album.

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