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Power of the Damager |13th Planet, 2007|

1. Looking for Them,2. No Justice,3. Third Option,4. Pure Ether,5. Power of the Damager,6. The Banishment,7. Worst of It,8. Spirit Guide,9. Messages Inside of Me,10. Can't Stop the Bleeding,11. Bad Fall,12. Changing Ending Troubling Times

The eight album is a very good one and as the listener's views show - not only to me. It's great because of tight guitar riffs, aggressive vocal parts by Tommy Victor, so typical for Prong. Twelve songs kept in a bit hardcore vibe (I keep thinking about Biohazard somehow..), but I'm sure those who loved Prong for their best album Cleansing recorded in 1994 will not be disappointed with Power of The Damager. The Banishment song melts me with every listening, with its totally awesome composition, repetitive rhythm and something what will go the listeners crazy during Prong shows. Don't miss their Fall tour! Full events list at their official website.

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