Project .44 [reviews]
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Look Me In The Eye |The Orchard, 2000|

Clouds, Tonight We Murder, I Don't Care, Everything Is Always Wrong, Corporate T.U.T.T., Copsong, (intro) Dark Places, Revenge, Bastard, Deceit, The Figurehead, Awm, Personal Jesus

The debut of Project .44 it’s a partly hot and partly cold set of tracks, which older fans of Ministry and Revolting Cocks got accustom to. It’s not a surprise thanx to the presence of Louis Svitek, whose influence for Project .44 production is dominative. Besides straightforward guitar riffs in Everything Is Always Wrong, Revenge or Bastard, there is a short dark intro, not typical for all of Project .44 music. There are also the two cover versions of Tonight We Murder originally by Ministry and Personal Jesus by Depeche Mode. This song has been covered by most of well known bands, but I liked the first samples beginning the cover with.

Personally I’m knocked out I Don’t Care song for marching tempo and nihilistic refrain. The other favourite song of mine is Corporate T.U.T.T. thanx to an awesome slapped bass by Charles Levi known from many industrial rock bands. The song vibe is something between Revolting Cocks chaos and Atari Teenage Riot digital hardcore attitude. "Copsong" could sound better in a remix because there are many empty spaces in the original. There is a very good song named Deceit, where jagged guitar riffs are hearable in a foreground. Delight comes with a song called The Figurehead, what recalls an echo of Wax Trax! era while dirty guitar sound and a „catchy” refrain make the song construction easy to memorize.

The crushing power of Project .44 lays in repetitive phrases both guitars and samples which give the songs mechanical or even industrial vibe. In a cloud of predatory vocals it appears at least tempting.

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The System Doesn't Work |Invisible Rec., 2005|

Warpath, Return of the Soldier, Never-Nothing, Fall Down, Free, I, Away, Greetings From The Southside, Faction/Discord, Rather Be Dead, Sympathy For The Devil

The idea of founding so called supergroups seems to be simple – every of the musicians add some of his experience and the band relies on the greatest listeners interest thanx to the famous names. There were only a few such collectives to mention Pigface, Dessau or H3llb3nt, but there are very interesting albums released thanks to such cooperations. Project .44 is the best one, which I have learnt for the last eight years about. Where is their power hidden? It’s not hidden, there are famous and talented musicians to begin with Charles Levi aka Levi/TKK, amazing bass player who played in a variety of bands like My Life With The Trill Kill Kult, H3llb3nt, Pigface, Bangalore, The Urban Soundtrack and many more. There is also Louis Svitek, probably the best known of his cooperation with Ministry (his guitar riffs and a studio production almost soaks out the two Project .44 albums released so far) and Mindfunk as well.

As for the music I think it was almost sure that there would be no accidental soft shit. Levi’s low tuned bass, sharp and jagged guitar riffs of Svitek, plus predatory Chris Harris' vocals with the dynamical section of the other musicians make an atmosphere you have met probably only on the 90’s Ministry releases like The Land of Rape and Honey, Psalm 69 or The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste. Besides so rad tracks like Warpath, Return of the Soldier, Free, Never~Nothing, Rather Be Dead (my favs three), I, or Faction/Discord there is one (Away) driven with an almost Spanish guitar vibe, but there are also heavy guitar riffs as well.

This album is recommended for all those who find "Rio Grande Blood" by Ministry too metal, and those who follow Charles Levi’s paths. It is sure he's doing well with yet another pure industrial rock venture.

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