Revolting Cocks (RevCo) [reviews]
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Linger Ficken' Good |Sire/Reprise Records/Warner Bros, 1993|

Gila Copter, Creep, Mr. Lucky, Crackin' Up, Sergio, Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?, The Rockabye, Butcher Flower's Woman, Dirt, Linger Ficken' Good

Personally I find this record the best album of RevCo. There are monotone and trance vibes with the right arrangements which make the songs interesting. My favourite song is Crackin' Up, a mixture of older industrial rock (WaxTrax! style) with cold wave guitars. The other one is called The Rockabye – trance and monumental which gives the idea of working with an assembly line in a factory ;) There are the two weird songs, but knowing there is Al Jourgensen in the band, we shouldn't be surprised by such issues. The first surprise is a cover version of well known "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?" by Rod Steward, and the second it's a bit vaudeville style Linger Ficken' Good song based on a bass line with absurd lyrics ;)

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Cocked And Loaded |13th Planet Records, 2006|

Fire Engine, Ten Million Ways To Die, Caliente (Dark Entries), Prune Tang, Dead End Street, Pole Grinder, Jack in The Crack, Devil Cock, Viagra Culture, Revolting Cock au Lait

Revolting Cocks is in a good condition as usual. There's a lots of irony, energy and rebel on that album. There is also one song what I find the most interesting on the whole album personally (Viagra Culture) what sticks out of the album. Sounds very 'ministerial' with its cold, even laboratory made samples, guitar riffs. It all sounds simple, rough and calculated with Jello Biafra's voices. Pole Grinder sounds way cool as well; it has a slower tempo than Viagra Culture, but it has got a rock claw for sure. 10 Million Ways To Die is kept in a bit ironical retro style known from Rob Zombie's songs. Caliente (Dark Entries) - seems to be the most characteristic song as for RevCo ventures with a huge amount of punk rebellion.

To sum up, the album contains the three main influences brought by Al Jourgensen with his Ministry sound, Jello Biafra with ex-Dead Kennedys vibe (played with Jourgensen and Lard project and on Rio Grande Blood by Ministry) and that typical RevCo's sound what we have been exposed to for so many years. It's a good album, worth of owning but there is nothing revolutionary on it as well.

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