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s.sturgis - In A Haze |Positron! Records, 2004|

1. At the End, 2. Down, 3. Tomorrow, 4. Lost time, 5. Free, 6. Euphondisson

The more I listen to the album the more I like it. After the fourth listening it was still sure it's difficult to memorize those compositions so that is something what values them even higher.
Scott Sturgis known previously from Pain Station and later from Converter generates sampled music with lots of trance rhythms and winded passages. This music suits well when used to make a background for some visuals or a movie. There are trance and rhytmic "At The End", cold and distressing "Tomorrow", and my favourite "Lost Time" with dense layered background and rhythmic leitmotiv. "Free" song sounds also attractive thanx to repetitive glitches.
Recommended for all Sturgis' fans and those looking for new sounds around experimental ambient music.

A high quality production, interesting set of compositions and a professional artwork gives yet another advantage to Positron! Records again.
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