Nanochrist - interview (2013)
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NINa: How would you explain your band name? Is ‘nano’ a reference to ‘one-billionth’ or within the concept of nanotechnology?
Scworm: I wish I could say that there was some deep, underlying philosophical brilliance to the name but the truth is, it just sounds cool. That's it. A lot of other people have ascribed meanings to it over the years, and that's cool with us. We've been told on several occasions that it's sacrilegious or offensive. So it's got that going for it, which is nice.

NINa: Since 1998 you've released 6 studio albums, mostly as a DIY artist. Do you feel like the band has been getting enough support in Canada and worldwide? Are there any challenges to be dealt with?
We play industrial metal. So no, we don't get enough support. The only people who listen to industrial metal are people who are in other industrial metal bands. But that's OK. We knew the job was dangerous when we took it.

NINa: Besides singing in Nanochrist, you're also a Graphic Designer. I enjoy the artwork for Corrode album the most. Is there any idea behind this painting or do you usually leave the meaning of your art to viewer's own free interpretation?
Mike, our guitarist, actually did that painting. It's made of tissue paper and two pieces of painted glass, held up to a light to create that glowing effect. I think he's still got it somewhere.

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