[movie] Elephants Dream
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Elephants Dream (2011) tells the story of Emo and Proog. Emo, the younger of the two men happened to be thrown into a bizarre, mechanical, surreal world called The Machine. He is guided by Proog who seems to be living there. Proog is still aware of unexpected and surprising the world can create during just a few seconds. He tries to teach Emo how to perceive the beauty of the place which Emo still doesn't see or accept: "Emo, you have to learn to listen. This is not some game. You.. I mean we can easily die out here." (...) "Listen to the sounds of the Machine." (...) "The Machine is like my clockwork".
In fact The Machine remains in feedback with one's thoughts and visually reflects them. Proog creates reality according to his needs. Emo did it once, cynically yet subconsciously when he finally exploded from frustration.

The world pictured in Elephants Dream looks claustrophobic yet it's not thanks to seemingly endless open space (or with opposite walls hidden in the darkness). There's rushing, motion and a constant change of perspectives in the movie so that it'll keep you focused and tense (in fact it's so animated it's difficult to make any sharp screenshots).
This is not a movie to understand the plot but rather enjoy the world of unrestricted fantasy and imagination. Nothing is predictable in Elephants Dream. Just wait until the two men enter an elevator. The sound design matches events perfectly. Original score & sound design was composed by Jan Morgenstern.
Elephants Dream, directed by Bassam Kurdali is the culmination of the Orange Open Movie Project which was conceived to help develop and establish the capabilities of the Blender 3D open source tool for the creation of cinema quality animation.

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