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Metronome | Listen the Loudest!, 2009|

1. 2000 and Hate, 2. She Told Me She Was Dying, 3. The Void, 4. Big Massive Scar, 5. Queen of Sunburn, 6. Metronome, 7. Dharma, 8. Wormhole, 9. Papercuts, 10. Orientatia, 11. Nothing But Straight Emotions

Claymore is a band formed in late 2007 in the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Although taking a more electronic rock approach to their music, Claymore manages to grab the industrial vibe and add some big beat spice as well. Their (now FREE) debut album — titled Metronome — displays Claymore's unique sound.

First songs are usually first impressions when it comes to independent bands like Claymore. In this case, "2000 and Hate" is the first song. For the first 2 minutes and 30 seconds, a bass line and a droned-out voice is played. The vocals of Siniša Bajić and Dakić Bojan aren't exactly noteworthy, and as said above, sounds droned-out. Anyway, after the first 2 minutes and 30 seconds, various synth and drum samples are blasted out. Although Bajić and Bojan's vocals are still dull and present, the other instruments are very interesting.

"She Told Me She Was Dying" is worth mentioning. A simple piano and a very Excessive Force-like riff pretty much creates the song, and it presents a very eerie sound. Although not 100% industrial rock by any means, it's still a nicely constructed song.

Many of the songs feel like as if they belong in a rave club rather than on an industrial radio channel. "Dharma" and "The Vibe" come to mind, with their constantly generated synth loops and fast tempos. Other songs such as "Orientatia" is pure guitar-driven industrial metal. The duo even attempts to change up their vocals via screaming, and it works out well. Claymore also tries out dark ambient with "Wormhole." Although I personally like dark ambient music, 8 minutes of it — in "Wormhole" at least — is too much, and it does get repetitive.

Claymore is an impressive band out of a country that isn't known as a recording studio for industrial music. Their debut album is extremely experimental with only minor flaws. In my opinion, it's worth the free download. (Xenerki)

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