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Atonement v2 |Slipdisc Records, 1998|

01. Terminate, 02. STD, 03. Grind, 04. Dim, 05. It Comes Too, 06. Wallow, 07. This Is The Way, 08. The. Shake, 09. Straddle, 10. Nothing At All, 13. _Untitled_ 1, 13. _Untitled_,

Final Cut founded by Antony Srock (Asrock) was one of the bands which courageously interlaced their mostly rap music with sound known from such other music styles like industrial rock or metal but also trance, house and drum’n’bass. Deep drums were mixed with ticking samples, live bass and guitars what resulted both unique and professional.

Atonement v2 is a remaster of Atonement album released by Chemlab’s Fifth Colvmn Records label. The original version was recorded in Chicago based Warzone studio Warzone (which belong to Die Warzau team), but v2 was put out by Slipdisc, famous of its short existence but also very good industrial metal releases. All in all, the album couldn’t turn out bad.

I was impressed by “Dim” instantly. It’s the most addictive song I’ve heard so far, much more tempting and erotically toned than my previous #1 - "Lilith/Eve" by Machines of Loving Grace. Undoubtedly, the simplicity and charm of “Dim” stays in memory for a long time.

I liked "It Comes Too" (thanks to guitars and a general song composition) and "This Is The Way" (very radio-orientated song with rather pop vibe). "Terminate" and "The Shake" do taste like a production of Jim Marcus + Van Christie = Die Warzau, so their fans should get interested in Atonement as well. "STD" reminds me that Chicagoan coldwave of My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult the most.
"Straddle" it’s a trip to drum'n'bass and coldwave neighbourhood which is cool, other than that "Grind" drove me nuts due to ‘meowing' and delayed endings of every sentence.

Atonement v2 it’s undoubtedly a nourishment for those of you searching for a little explored mixture of music styles incl. coldwave, industrial rock, rap or partly house. It’s also a strong dose of dynamics kept in uncommon dance style.

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