Methods of Mayhem [reviews]
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Methods of Mayhem |MCA, 2000|

1. Who The Hell Cares, 2. Hypocritical, 3. Anger Management, 4. Get Naked, 5. New Skin, 6. Proposition Fuck You, 7. Crash, 8. Metamorphosis, 9. Narcotic, 10. Mr Onsomeothershits, 11. Spun

This album sounds conceited...extremely arrogant and shameless :) It melts every possible music genre, from rock, techno, industrial to drum'n'bass and so on, playing as a hybrid between “Fat of the Land” by The Prodigy and “HellBilly Deluxe” by Rob Zombie.
It’s impossible to classify this album, is it nu-metal? Industrial rock? Hip hop rock? Techno rock? You know what? Like Tommy Lee says "Who The Hell Cares?"

Tommy Lee with an alliance of first-rate artists: Scott Humprey, Steve Duda, Danny Lohner, Snoop Dogg, Kid Rock, Mix Master Mike... declare war to the music world... I don’t know who wins the battle, but one thing is certain: there are lots of injured.
Powerful guitar riffs, synths and beats heavy as boulders accompanying the first song with the smirking Snoop Dog voice. "Anger Management" and "Hypocritical" are a wall of sound, very aggressive. "Get Naked" is fun, there aren’t other words to describe it. "New Skin" featuring Kid Rock reminds of the electronic sound of Antichrist Superstar by Marilyn Manson, then turned almost into a ballad (Tommy Lee didn’t know that Pamela Anderson will marry Kid Rock in the future... Artists, be careful to bring your wife in the recording studio...)

"Proposition Fuck You" is a purely hip-hop song with several similarities to Cypress Hill. "Superstar" and "Crash" continue the bombing with colossal driven guitars. "Narcotic" is a classic Kirkland song, and since in Italy we usually say about gastronomy “Don’t throw anything away of the pig” Kirkland will recycle this song on the Crystal Method “Tweekend” album few years later.
"Mr. Onsomeonthersbitches" is an interval that they could even do without. "Spun" is a techno/drum'n'bass outro, that closes the album.

This enhanced album also includes the "Get Naked" video and "The Making Of". I don’t know if Tommy wrote a single note on this album or it’s all just samples and loops... but “who the hell cares”? ;) If you like Limp Bizkit and Rob Zombie, you’ll love this album but for all the others it could easily be a great surprise. (Marco Gariboldi. Proofreading: Scott M. Owens)

New Skin |MCA, 2000|

1. New Skin (Radio Edit), 2. Hypocritical (Rage Against The Remix) (Remix - Chris Vrenna), 3. Spun (Album Version)
Video. Get Naked

It's a second single extracted from the debut album. It contains the negligible "New Skin" (Radio Edit, without Kid Rock), "Spun" (Album Version) and the "Get Naked" video, already included in the album.

To give meaning to this publication fortunately there’s the discrete remix of "Hypocritical" by Chris Vrenna, who restrict himself to change the drums, and the arrangement at least.
Recommended only to Chris Vrenna's fans.
(Marco Gariboldi. Proofreading: Scott M. Owens)