Apparatus [reviews]
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Apparatus |Re-constriction Records, 1995|

1. Ministry Of Rage, 2. Come Alive, 3. Womb (Coathanger Mix), 4. Hell's Home, 5. Slave Or Payer, 6. Cock Panther, 7. Baal, 8. Wrench, 9. Aria For 1,000 Heads

Good things never lasts forever. Unfortunately this common saying applies to Apparatus as well.
This North Carolina trio founded by Blake Barnes, York, and Syd, published their self-titled album for the glorious Re-Constriction label in 1995. It's an album of rapid listening (about thirty minutes) that includes 9 songs similar to the first Chemlab album “Ten Ton Pressure”.

After the harsh intro "Ministry Of Rage", we are hit by the sharp-edged guitar driven "Come Alive" (this song is already present on some Re-Con compilation). "Hell's Home" and "Slave Or Prayer" see the collaboration of famous industrial rock producer Lee Popa. "Womb Coathanger Mix" and "Wrench" are very good songs, reminiscent of KMFDM's Ultra Heavy Beat, and stay really close to the sound of Society Burning.
Sadly after the publication of this album the trio disbanded. It would have been very interesting to follow their evolution, however, York and Syd formed the band Liquid Sex Decay later.

If you enjoy the coldwave artist, "Everything Goes Cold" debut album, you’ll find this release interesting too.

This album deserves a purchase not only by coldwave style lovers but also by many bands in today's crisis of identity. Listening to the CD may lead them to find the right path.

(Marco Gariboldi. Proofreading: Scott M. Owens)