One Lucid Dream [reviews]
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Deep Breaths Of Burning Air |David W. Miller, 2006|

1. Manifesto, 2. Like There's No Tomorrow, 3. Flesh and Bone, 4. Ranting, 5. Beautiful Liars, 6. Scorched Senses, 7. Song For the Broken 8. The End of Everything, 9. Amnesia, 10. Forever in Time, 11. Edge of the World, 12. Human Beings, 13. Laid Waste

One Lucid Dream is one of more electronic than guitar driver bands active since 2005 r., led by David W. Miller and based in the 'City of Angels', L.A.

The band classifies itself as electronic rock tho to me it could be IDM - Inteligent Dance Music thanks to the fact the guitars are barely present, but the main vibe is created by a rhythmic, trance like electronics with the whispered lyrics. Some of the guitar riffs appear in the ninth song Amnesia, and if I had to compare to any other band's music for your recognition let it be the newest two albums of Out Out however include more dance tunes.

Your attention may be drawn by the lyrics as they are full of Buddhism-hippie vibes about calling for revolution, understanding and an importance of a change in people's lives. Music itself has a positive atmosphere as well.

However the music experience of David Davida are bounded with industrial rock and electronic scenes thanks to being involved into music production for such bands like Skinny Puppy, Ministry, Sugercubes (Bjork), Nine Inch Nails, Pigface, Faith No More, Noel and A Split Second.
One Lucid Dream has been working on a new album entitled Pessimism but they are playing a few shows in California, Alabama and Illinois soon.
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