ERASEtheVIRUS [reviews]
Updated by Draconina on 05/09/2008 04:33
Songs in the Key of Filth |ERASEtheVIRUS, 2008|

1. She Said, 2. Ampu-Cutee, 3. Please, 4. Worthless, 5. Pied Piper, 6. United We Fall, 7. Skip Track 7 (Donkey Breath), 8. I Am, 9. Don't Tell Me How to Die, 10. The Somber March, 11. Two Shits and a Flying Fuck, 12. It's All Over, 13. Chok(h)er, 14. The Fuck Song, 15. We Are All Drunk

First of all, ERASEtheVIRUS it's a band to support four shows of 16Volt's 2008 tour so they seem to be headbanging events.
Secondly, ETV's music it's a mixture between some cyber atmospheres with hot, distorted guitars, but what else could I expect from an American band coming from a state where the highest temperature of 100 dgr. F kept stable for over 41 days in summer 2000?

Moreover it's also well know listening to other Texas industrial-metal bands kind of Ministry, Revolting Cocks, Skrew, Union Underground or Snow Black , they created powerful music based on heavy guitar riffs and riveting solos, sometimes using a characteristic Gibson's guitar vibe. The attention is turned to such riffs instead of a monotone, industrial background beat. There's a good example for above in Please song by ETV with typical rock solos and a tight wall of samples in the background. More work of the samplers can be heard in Pied Piper and Don't Tell Me How to Die.
I like a sudden the bass appearance and moments of appeasement in Two Shits and a Flying Fuck. Other than that an intro with the synths so typical for electro style of music didn’t impress me at all but the song was rescued by heavy guitars riffs a bit later. Chok(h)er reminds me a bit an old NIN sound but the next song is all about ETV with their aggression and dynamics.

Finally, there isn't a bad songs on the album. I have an impression the band completely planned the album concept so there was no place for any improvisation or a lack of professionalism.
I should ask the band sometime in an interview about their song titles as I have no idea what they meant to call the song Somber March tho the songs itself sounds great. I guess I have heard an intro samples somewhere else, maybe it was in one of Cubanate song? Well, they are a good influence too ;)

I do recommend this CD and I give it 4 stars with a suggestion to listen to Songs in the Key of Filth very loud for a better result. ( Katarzyna NINa Górnisiewicz. Must not be used for promotional or commercial purposes. See a Legal Note for the copyrights below)