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Hold On To The Hollow |Elektra, 1994|

1. I Owe You, 2. Pieces Of A Man, 3. Beautiful, 4. What It Is To Burn, 5. Longing, 6. Transparent, 7. Lost, 8. Reflection, 9. Arms Full Of Empty, 10. Everything

Drown was kind of an elitary band in the 90's. Elitary in a meaning of known to those who were looking for heavy industrial music. This album is dark, heavy and angry. The closest association what came on my mind while listening was Rorschach Test's efforts thanks to low tuned basslines, clear, powerful guitar riffs and angry vocals. Godflesh music could have some impact on Drown as well I guess.

Drown was founded in California in 1987 as an alternative-metal band who tried to add samples and loops which finally led the band to release the debut album Hold On To The Hollow in 1994. Of the 10 songs the most creepy is Longing, with the lyrics like these: "It's getting to me again, you don't want to see me like this, I'm spitting up life again, I'm feeling it all again choking, I don't want you to see me like this". I had a vision of a man turning into a monster while listening to that ;) Other interesting songs are Reflection and Beautiful but the whole album is worth of checking it out even if you're not a fan of industrial metal vibes. It's worth to add that the album was produced by Dave Ogilvie (Skinny Puppy, Killing Joke, Marilyn Manson and more).

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