Meshuggah [reviews]
Updated by Draconina on 08/04/2007 13:17
Nothing |Nuclear Blast Rec., 2002|

Stengah, Rational Gaze, Perpetual Black Second, Closed Eye Visuals, Glints Collide, Organic Shadows, Straws Pulled at Random, Spasm, Nebulous, Obsidian

It's easier to recognize Meshuggah than to clasify their music, but they are deep into metal avangard. So called trans-metal-industrial with heavy 8 strings (!!!) guitars containing: some elements of dark ambient and noise music, typical harsh and agressive voices, broken rhythms, original guitar riffs, and the metre standing far from any standards. It's hardly possible to dance to those heavy and aggressive sounds. What's more there are no samples what seems to be impossible when listen to guitar and drums sections. Cyber-futuristic-apocalipse atmosphere flowing out of clearly shouted lyrics makes an incredible mood, espacially listening to Spasm song. The album is recommended to every fans of agressive, hard and dark music. (NRV-471F84A)

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